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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Eve 2012

I had fun at XFinity Live center. The only thing was all the people I was with had someone hit on them and had dancing partners. That made me feel ugly and fat -- I cried at midnight. I'm making changes for 2013, I'm thinking of going off my bipolar meds (begging the doctors) and only stay on the thyroid pill. Of course this is unless they prescribe me a weight loss pill (I would still stay on the thyroid pill regardless because I need that hormone to function). I want to be back down to my normal weight of 100-124 lbs (I'm 4'11).

Anyway, here are pictures:

Before going to XFinity Live.
Obligatory toast picture :)


  1. Good pictures. :) Later today I'll address another part of this post in an e-mail, rather than here.

  2. Hurrah for fun-having! But not for shedding tears at midnight ;_; I did not shred newspaper for confetti this year, but I am enjoying some of the tea you've given to me. :) Thanky!!! Loose-leaf feels like a complete luxury, even if you claim it's cheaper than the bagged stuff. Having the time to mete out exact amounts is the luxury.

    How would going off the bipolar medicine be better for you? Do you know what it does to you?

    When I was 100 pounds it was miserable - when I was recovering at the hospital 6 years ago. (Then again, I am a foot taller.)
    Has it ever been normal for you to be within that range?

    As they say, с новым годом! I suspect my accent is way off because I've been mostly speaking English and Chinese... Svetlana Anatolyevna will give me a better example when I see her in three weeks. (We constantly cross paths and have close to the exact same Russian conversation about every three weeks! Maybe this year it will be a bit different.) Then again, if I listen to this Russian song, I think I've got it... I can tell you when I loan you the Pooh Tao book in the near future! (I think you would be able to benefit from that philosophy, too.)
    Would you be able to tell it to me in Arabic at that point? Do you know what it is?

    On Cong's birthday (at the beginning of February) I plan to go to the psychologist myself! :D Over stress/elitism/peer pressure!

    1. 100 is the best weight to be at. But, my doctors would be happy with 130 (tad overweight). I am 164 now... I think that's morbidly obese for my height.

      I'll have to translate it. :) Good luck. I love my therapist. I think it'll be good.

    2. Not for me. When I was 100, I was very weak and had much less of a musculature.


      Thank you. I am hailing the OSSD people now...