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Thursday, January 10, 2013

MLK Tribute Documentary

Every year my school makes a documentary about Dr. King and it asks students, faculty and staff a few questions about Dr. King's vision. This year the question was:

“What’s happening today? Are we closer to reaching Dr. King’s dream today? What’s the NOW? Please give an example?”

My response was this: In response to the question, I believe we're reaching the goal of Dr. King's dream, though, I do think there is still some work to be done. In November our first black president was reelected showing that people put aside prejudice for what they think is the most competent man for the job. In America and Western societies we see all different groups interacting with one another, especially in the co-exist movement. However, we're not all inclusive, but more so than 50 years ago.

She asked me to elaborate on the world 50 years ago and I explained, "my dad was born in 1955 and when he went to a Catholic school and even when he switched over to public school, King of Prussia was an all white, English speaking, Christian community. My mom was born in '64 and had a dad that was in the military and it was the same way. My area has substantially changed in the past 15 years -- we have many Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, all different faiths living in our community and the library I work for shows it. We have all sorts of books in different languages and I'm currently working on an Arabic children's book. I'm not really sure about West Chester, but I see the same growth in our university as more diversity classes are being offered, especially in the English department. This semester I'm taking a modern Latina literature course and in the past you wouldn't have seen it, it would probably be only white, male authors to study.

She asked if I voted for Obama. I replied, "No. I'm a libertarian." I didn't want to say that I'm not too fond of Mr. Obama. I have a different ideology than he has and he doesn't represent my interests. Neither do republicans, mind you. I find I'm better represented by the libertarian party.


  1. I agree that there is more work to be done. Things are a lot better than they were 50 years ago (even here in the UK), but it's important that we don't let them slip back to what they were. It'll be wonderful when everyone can get along and racism is a long-dead thing of the past.

  2. Everyone's a little bit racist, haven't you heard the Avenue Q song?
    Just in case... here's a link!
    I don't think racism is ever going to become a long-dead thing of the past. I've been told that attitude just keeps racism alive, but it is the truth as I see it - I think the hope everyone might get along is just a pollyanna notion. War exists.

    The world 50 years ago is 1963 now, just sayin'! I checked with the calculator because you just don't even want to know my score in Mathematics. 2013 - 50 = ...

    How do you not know what happens in West Chester though you go to its University and work in its tech center? Do you study and essentially live in KoP?
    Admittedly, I don't really, either, for I mostly keep my eye on Russian and Chinese news these days.
    Then again, my sister's boyfriend works for the Daily Local, West Chester's super-creative paper, and I guess I could keep a better eye on my tentative in-laws...

    Ahh, in the Greco-Latin world it's still almost all old, white males, except for Cleopatra and Sappho.
    But just because nearly everyone publishing is male doesn't mean it's bad!

    I do not think that things are better now than they were in 1963, by the way. They are simply different. While health care has gotten phenomenally better, the environment has gotten far worse.

    Obama has won, but he will be gone 2016, with rather low chance of re-election in 2020! The US is most likely not going to mimic Russia, because of cold war reservations.
    Putin's gotten around the no-more-than-two-consecutive-terms by president'ing two terms, resting while his minion Medvedev was president 2004-2008, then two more.