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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lambeau Magic

I;m really unsure about this poem; I might try a new rhyme scheme. Do you like the content though?

The NFL critics say,
Lambeau Field has lost its magic,
a touch of victory--it named Green Bay;
inspiring everyone in town and out,
fans from outside flock; like the hajj to Mecca,
fanaticismm and tears and screams and shouts,
laughter and GO PACK GO echo
throughout the red, white and tan--
fans have helped build the story of Lambeau.
The NFL critics say,
with the myriad of losses here--
the magic is lost to Green Bay;
but I don't believe so--
win, lose or tie, us cheeseheads are fans til death
and we flock to our beloved Lambeau
that houses memories so fond
in the heat or cold of Wisconsin's nights
and the Great Lake that leaves snow ponds.


  1. What makes you unsure about this poem? The aba cdc efe aga ehe wtf rhyme scheme?

    Naturally, I do not like the content (wild fandom -> football theme), but that is a preordained conclusion.

    Perhaps your other friends may have something meaningful to say about it.

    1. I'm just in major freak out mode. I think some parts might be too long.

    2. Don't freak out - things should be okay.

      What makes you think it might be too long?

    3. Maybe it repeats too much. I was uber buy today at work; I'm going to work on it here.

    4. Does it? How was it busy?

      Mother is all excited now to visit the University of Pennsylvania's colloquium in two days about fieldwork at Gordion (where King Midas reigned - the one whose touch turned everything to gold). I am visiting it so that I am more used to the format for the colloquium I want to visit towards the end of January about Greek democracy.

    5. I spent 5 hours helping staff how to use technology, lol. One hour fiddling with printing labels, 2 hours trying to fax things and two hours showing MS Office.

    6. That's okay.

      I've calculated I need to read 5 pages a day at minimum to get my ILL book read by the time it's due back, and am two pages from being done for tomorrow! It is useful that way, though, since I plan to visit Penn tomorrow, so I won't really have time for reading.

      *rolls eyes* I have to create the next couple month's chart to ensure our dachshund is neither over nor under-fed now. I made one in September, and my parents adore it.

    7. And today I'm typing a manual.

    8. w00tw00t - I am reading the Newswriting textbook to formulate basic questions about the class in a few weeks and also whatever might happen on my trip to the University of Pennsylvania tomorrow. It is to get used to it for the colloquium I want to attend (and then tell Hannah about) late January about Greek democracy.

  2. In reading the poem and the comments, the lengths and any repeating of parts don't bother me, but that's my opinion. No problem with the content: you can write about whatever you like...I'm happy to read it! :)

    1. Thanks Andrew. :) The more I think about it, I think this form would fit the subject matter.