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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lambeau Magic (Second Take)

I wrote another Lambeau poem, this time in a Rondeau. Which one do you like best? I'll post the rondeau first, then the other one.

The NFL critics that say
the magic is lost in Green Bay.
For in the infamous Lambeau,
more losses than wins, echo
"GO PACK GO," the shouts slay--

in the dark night, the words stay,
against the Browns, a quick play,
the magic isn't lost.

Win, lose, or tie; our love never delays,
Cheeseheads til our hair turns gray--
til death, actually, we don't hang low,
and our travels never slow
to our beloved Green Bay--
the magic isn't lost.

Poem #2:

The NFL critics say,
Lambeau Field has lost its magic,
a touch of victory--it named Green Bay;
inspiring everyone in town and out,
fans from outside flock; like the hajj to Mecca,
fanaticismm and tears and screams and shouts,
laughter and GO PACK GO echo
throughout the red, white and tan--
fans have helped build the story of Lambeau.
The NFL critics say,
with the myriad of losses here--
the magic is lost to Green Bay;
but I don't believe so--
win, lose or tie, us cheeseheads are fans til death
and we flock to our beloved Lambeau
that houses memories so fond
in the heat or cold of Wisconsin's nights
and the Great Lake that leaves snow ponds.