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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dear Me -- full letter draft

Dear Me,
You cried at midnight; the first moment of 2013! What an awful way to welcome in a new year, especially when it’s over a weight issue. I know, you’re on bipolar medicine and are hypothyroid, but maybe this year you should work with a specialist. Also, be less harsh on yourself; you’re still healthy and that worrying just adds unneeded stress. A wise and good friend said she lost weight from being kind to herself and getting rid of the unneeded stress in her life by ignoring all the criticism. Maybe that's what you ought to do in 2013. Maybe if you also worked with that specialist or talked to NP Frasier, you can find a myriad of ways to lose at least fifteen pounds by the time you graduate in December.

As a football junkie, I think you can get some inspiration from that slideshow. You've been thinking about signing up for that flag football class that you so desperately wanted to do last year, but never did it. This year you should! You love football; you love the way it's played and all the intricacies that factor in. I think it would be a good experience and it's cheap. I know you want to save money for the goal of moving to Wisconsin in 2014, but I think this expense would also contribute to the weight loss goal of yours. I also think it'll help your wellbeing because the experts say exercise makes you happier. This past fall you were miserable, I think it would help the drug/talk therapy regimen. And I know you could use some happiness.

Speaking of saving money, you work two jobs; I think you'll be able to save at most $1000 towards going to graduate school and your move in the fall of 2014. You should also capitalize on freelance writing, Straw Beary sent you a link and Britta sent you a flyer about the job she's currently working looking for freelance writers. I know you want to be a travel writer and I believe this would be a great stepping stone. Remember, though, don't do too much at once (as this will be a third job) and maybe wait until the summer when you're off from school and in the fall when you're part time. For the spring, just start light (you do have 6 classes) so that way you can get a feel for it and won't overwhelm yourself. Also remember, enjoy yourself too! Take that three day vacation to Baltimore in August and go see a Ravens game! I think you should also treat dad to a Ravens game as well, as he's done so much for you. He was understanding in 2012 about not going to the Ravens game you promised him, but this year surprise him by fulfilling that promise.

But, before that trip to Baltimore, remember your travel narrative book about Wisconsin from your trip in August 2012. I think you can get a majority of it done this year, just don't overwhelm yourself, and work on bits at a time. Don't punish yourself if you are a slacker at times. Sometimes it takes writers a few years to write books; think of this as a long time goal. Although you've put a book out every year, you don't need to do that for this book—take your time. You also want to try your hand at publishing instead of self-publishing. I think you should start with publishers in Wisconsin, wait to see what they have to say, and then possibly move onto publishing houses that focus on travel writers and/or memoirs (this book might also count as a memoir). Don't be afraid to consult the Writer's Market manual, Dr. Luanne Smith, and Dr. Pollard for some help and advice either! They might surprise you.

One last thing, you graduate in December. It's not that far away—only two semesters left as an undergraduate. You did well in the fall 2012 semester with three A’s, two B’s and a 3.6 GPA. I think you can continue achieving those marks and I want you to make the honor roll for graduation. You were so close in high school and you are spending 5.5 years in college, I think you should do it for yourself to achieve that great honor (and you’re only two points away from it).
2013 is going to be one busy year. I hope you accomplish most of that, but don't forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor. I wish you the best of luck for a happy and healthy 2013.


Word Count: 771

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