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Sunday, January 27, 2013

China Town/South Street/Academy of Natural Sciences/ Chistine's

My grandma passed early yesterday morning. I received the phone call at 4am. I was at Christine's friend's house when mom texted me to call her. I went to the kitchen, knowing, and mom told me the news. Chris and her friend just hugged me and consoled me. I had said goodbye before I went to Philadelphia for the day and just broke down crying. I had a headache. When I got the call, I was numb, but it really hit on my way home. I miss my best friend. :(

It was about 21 degrees when I went to Philadelphia. I took the el to 15th street and walked the two blocks to Cappiriccio's to get breakfast and hot apple cider before I made my trek to 19th street for the Academy of Natural Sciences. I love that place and the food was awesome. I spent 45 minutes in the cafe to keep warm since the ANS didn't open to 10am.

I arrived there a little after 10am. I paid for my ticket and asked about the behind he scenes tour. From March 2012-March 2013 the ANS is celebrating their 200th birthday and taking people on tours on how everything is done in the museum. This month is botany. Botany always interested me, so I decided to take the tour. It was at 11am. I spent the hour just touring the museum, talking to the college student dusting off fossils and went to the 200th anniversary exhibit.

I waited in front of the birthday cake they set up a little before 11. At exactly 11, the tour guide came and took me behind the scenes. It was so awesome, but really cold. They have to keep the labs cold to protect the plant samples.

I spent two hours at the ANS. I left at 12 and trekked back to the el to go to 8th Street. The cold air shocked me. Once I got to 8th Street, I had to walk two blocks to the start of China Town. I saw the gate, snapped some pictures and made my way to see other attractions and find a restaurant.

It was really too cold to do much exploring, but I did walk around for an hour until I saw the sign advertising Peking duck. I love duck. I don't know the name of the place because I don't think it has an English equivalent (and I was walking around in a fog, sorta). The place was awesome and the Peking duck was to die for.

I left around 2pm and made my way to the el to go to 5th Street to walk to South Street. The sky was cloudy and looked like it would open up at any moment with snow. After I got pierced, I went to Jon's for their awesome Sangria. It started to snow then. I had two Sangrias and after that I had to trek through the snow.

I arrived at Christine's at 6pm all snowy and wet. We were supposed to see Blackhorse at Paddy Whacks on 2nd and Lombard. We got there late because of the bus and getting a little lost (it's fun walking around the snow in the dark). When we got there, they were taking everything down because they played for an hour and no one was there. They felt really bad since I traveled so far and the next time I see them they're going to do something special. :) Christine and I stayed for a bit to eat and talk. The place was empty and we decided to leave.

We ended up at a bar near her house called Benchwarmers (originally Diego's but had to change the name for racial issues). True story. Chris Walsh and I walked into Benchwarmers and all of a sudden I hear, "is that a Ravens jersey!?" I panicked a little inside, but said, "Yes." "Cool! Let me buy the Ravens fan and her friend a drink!" It turned into three rounds and then some! As dad said, "maybe you should wear that jersey more often -- it pays off!" Haha. It was a good time and we met one of her friend's, which we stayed at his house. :)

Enjoying the free drink.

I decided to make the Green Bay piece my debut piece for the Quad. Today I'm going to try to work on it. I don't think I'm needed at the funeral home. If worse comes to worse, I'll submit what I posted. It wasn't bad right?

My 2nd piece will be China Town.


  1. Continued condolences ♥ This weekend was a rough patch for us all. [I nearly lost my best friend (over a random social misdemeanour) this weekend. We're going to talk over lunch, hopefully... I'm not available until noon!!]

    I've been told Chinatown restaurants more accurately represent Chinese cuisine than generic Chinese restaurants everywhere else.
    I don't know, having never been to one. There is a nice Chinese food store just outside the Russian market in Bustleton, but whenever I'm down that way, I am usually in a Russian culinary mood. (The two cultures differ dramatically in Essen! My mother had a bad experience with Chinese food once and now thinks it's all like that.)

    1. Thank you ::hug:: I have a break at 11 then class until 2. I have to leave early on Wednesday for the private viewing then I'm out all day Thursday for the funeral.

      Hmmm, I'll have to venture to the Russian market. I don't think I've ever had it. Is it like German food?

    2. Our schedules do not coincide today, it seems. (Break at 9, class until 1:45, lunch, study until 5:30, ride home, study there until I fall asleep)
      I am not available at all until I understand my schedule better probably three weeks from now, my apologies.

      Fun place! You can tell it by the КНИГИ sign over the book store. Russian food is different from German food... I'm not sure how to describe the difference. It's generally encouraged to eat a lot of it, though, to guard against the cold. Therefore, the actual Russian people I know are more corpulent in general, besides the general encouragement of the culture to be imposing. (The personal blubber is warm!) The people just of that descent around this area are slim, as it is less beneficial to be as large.

    3. Just let me know. :) This week is going to be crazy for me as well with the funeral and all.

      Hmm, I'm going to have to try it!

    4. So I will. I am a bit concerned about my health - I have not slept for more than 5 hours a pop since Thursday...

      Only if you have another good reason to be over by Bustleton, I don't want you to go there just because I said it was good...