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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Beginning "Dear Me" Letter

Each year has a contest called Dear Me where you can write a letter to yourself about goals you'd like to accomplish throughout the year. The prizes are cash. :) This year my goal is to win cash. I started a bit of my letter; how does it sound so far?

Dear Me,

You cried at midnight; the first moment of 2013! What an awful way to welcome in a new year, especially when it’s over a weight issue. I know, you’re on bipolar medicine and are hypothyroid, but maybe this year you should work with a specialist. Also, be less harsh on yourself; you’re still healthy and that worrying just adds unneeded stress. Maybe if you worked with a specialist or talked to NP Frasier, you can find a way to lose at least fifteen pounds by the time you graduate in December 2013.

I can't wait to work on it throughout the weekend. :)

1 comment:

  1. (warning: this is a little harsh, prepare yourself for criticism. I feel very nervous about it! I hope you'll be okay. ;_;)

    Dear Jessica:

    Why are you giving yourself such a rough time about these three things: your 1/1/2013 midnight antics, your weight, and your overall medical condition?
    Is it so you can sympathise with critics? Is it to directly give therapists a mental case to work on, to beg for the appellation "psycho" you have been given? Is it a warped form of stress relief? I can see all of those. People can be really nasty. Otherwise, why would you pay therapists money to just talk to you? Do you have no other idea for self-improvement; aren't you creative?

    Would you like to speak directly to me Monday lunchtime about this with five different drafts of this? You certainly may: focussing each draft on one aspect in particular you want better. The deadline isn't until the end of January, there is plenty of time!

    Personally, I think that your current draft of 165 words is just begging for παθος and is currently unacceptable. You write, "Oh, look at me, I cried at the New Year, how pitiful is that? I AM a mental case. Let's just let other people make it better." You have two thousand words to work with, more than 15 of those!

    Actually be creative like you dub yourself! I don't know what the guidelines mean by a static item.

    Possibly something along the lines of:

    Dear Me,

    Thank you for being with me for so long. It means a lot to me! You are such an incredible person, especially making that huge trip all by yourself to Wisconsin!

    This year, why don't we go just you and me out for talks? Just bring a notebook and we'll have some fun together. It'll be fruitful!

    Thank you, Jessica! Be safe.

    Do you really need to harp on and on about your health and the medicine you have to take and the specialist's advice? No one cares. Breathe excitement into your letter and commitment to improve, an action plan!

    Something like that.