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Friday, January 18, 2013

Baltimore, Baltimore! I love you Baltimore!

I wrote this poem three years ago after my last visit. :)

Baltimore, Baltimore! I Love You, Baltimore!
Jessica Marie

The sun rising over the Chesapeake Bay,
Hagey's bus rolls in, wind hitting our faces
as the door opens, releasing us—perfect day.
Salt permeates the air, fishes splash
in and out of water, the gulls laugh.
All peaceful in the Harbor, a moment's flash
captures the serenity and the groups sitting.

Let's go! Let's go! The boat loops
excitedly against the waves.
Baltimore's city scene in the backdrop,
Fell's Point,
where Douglass and other slaves
finding freedom, working hard.
The Aquarium--
God's deep sea wonder
saved from man's dark, filmy lard.
Civil War museums, The Poe House--
Our nation's history resides here
despite the British attempt to dowse.

Preserved in the distance, the flag flies—
Ft. McHenry, the brick fortress stands.
Bombs illuminating the night skies
With the rocket's red glare
and bursting in the air;
Frances Scott Key, mesmerized, writes,
Sitting in the boat, like me, captured
by the history around us in full light.
Mesmerized by the voice of the tour,
Ducks swimming, wind messing my hair.
Baltimore, Baltimore! I love you, Baltimore!


  1. Wow, 2010 was three entire years ago? Tempus fugit!

    I feel apathetic to Baltimore. How is it a big deal? Both Laurens from the oboe department of WCU go to Peabody Institute (Johns Hopkins University) there now, but the tea party was in Boston! I'm looking at the Wikipedia article to clue me in.


    1. I spent my teenage years there and loved it. It's very ecclectic and the people are pretty nice. AND THE AQUARIUM!

    2. I visited Baltimore for a weekend - my neighbour Janelle's father has a boat we slept on during the 2005 Otakon. Sleeping on a boat is a little hard to get used to unless you're exhausted from cosplay and karaoke. (Janelle [who went by Seren at the time] and I sang a duet - Ai (Chuuseishin)) - she was Excel (the girl with the orange hair) and I Hyatt (the blue hair girl). Really, though, our Brasilean buddy Elfie matches Excel's personality far better. Janelle doesn't really have a character match in that animanga.
      I still have everything I got from that con. And the noo_da_puppi commenter is a fellow RP'er from New Zealand - I got mocked by being called Clairey Sue hundreds of times due to my RP'ing style at the time - like as in Mary Sue. *cough-cough*

      I don't remember visiting the Aquarium. I might have, but if I had, it was uneventful.

    3. Sounded fun. :) When I move and if you ever want to go again, feel free to stay with me.

      I've been on a boat, but never slept on a boat. I almost did when I was 8, but I got into a fight with a friend and her rich parents didn't like it. Ah, I think I was bipolar back then too.

    4. Thank you for the offer! ♥ I will contact you personally if that later becomes the case, but at the moment, I think you're not even there yet.

      Sleeping on a boat is bizarre, especially to land-lubbers like me, but I got used to it pretty fast. I'm presuming huge cruise-ships like the Titanic were somewhat less rocky from the currents due to their size, but still it's a somewhat risky endeavour, as only about 32% of those on board the Titanic survived.

    5. I think it might have freaked me out, lol. I remember their boat being cool, though.

      I felt like I was a nuisance to Rey with all my questions. But he and Annah were really helpful. Annah seems really nice. :)

    6. Hurrah, LJ is being cooperative now! I like drawing boats more than living on one - although fishing is oceans of fun, depending on whom you're with!

      You probably were a nuisance to Rey, but that's okay! (I am too.) Sometimes we have to be nuisances to get anything done. I am unashamed of being a nuisance, in general, because otherwise how else do I exist?
      Annah is nice! Rey had been dating her for ages before dating me, then they married a bit afterwards. She is a librarian, not a page! (I don't know too many details.) For age reference: Rey is five years older than me (about a month and a half older than you), and Annah is a year older than him.