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Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Night with Black Horse

It was a last minute thing last night since Black Horse doesn't have an official "like" page on Facebook and just a group, when I logged onto my computer I saw something was posted to the group and they were going to be at Screwballs! I had to go and I'm glad I did. So much fun even more so since the bar was fairly quiet. ^^ I decided that I would try out the black and white feature on my camera. Mom liked the feature more than the colour pictures. What do you think?

I just absolutely love the drum set. I love the horse that decorates it.

He was cute. I think we were flirting with one another; a few of the songs he was the lead vocalist and during Lynyrd Skynyrd's What's Your Name and he pointed at me during the chorus and winked at me. I did introduce myself (ironically before the show I added him on Facebook on a whim) and we talked a good 10 minutes during the break. Then throughout the final set he kept winking. When the show ended, a mutual friend said to me (in front of him), "he's a good guy and if he isn't, then we'll put him in line," then he kissed my cheek (I kissed back, that's just normal response for me when someone does something to me... I hope I didn't offend). It actually made me feel good -- it reaffirms my notion that I get along better with older people than people my own age (for the most part). I just feel more comfortable and confident with older folk. They also make me feel more welcomed and I just like that. I've been thinking about my New Years resolutions and I think I might make some changes to my non-existent love life, but I'm not sure how yet. I've spent the whole day thinking about that and last night. We talked on Facebook today and he said it was great meeting me and he wants to see me again. So, who knows. All I know is I'm letting go and whatever happens, I'll let it happen naturally instead of forcing it, which hey; that's a good step for me! :) So, stay tuned for the year! ;)


  1. I'm not normally into black and white pictures but I'll agree that these ones are good.

    As for the guy, you are right to "let it happen" and take it as it goes. Based on what you've described here the signs are positive, but I'll always advise you to be careful, as discussed before. Good luck. :)

    1. If things do happen, he's at least 15 years older. Mom and dad are 9 years apart, but I'm afraid of mom. Dad's attitude is "you're dating him and it's how YOU feel, not us," but mom's attitude is more domineering. I'm trying to stop these fears this year (I can't put that in the letter for obvious reasons) and I think by ignoring them it would help other health problems (nan did once say 'I think your mother is contributing to your problems'). I'm definitely going to show the letter to my therapist so we can work on them.

  2. My sister also vastly prefers black and white imagery (or so she had last time I talked to her about it)! The contrast becomes the key element of the photograph in b&w. Colour is really distracting. I prefer sketching with only one utensil.

    I, too, find bars more enjoyable when quiet. I prefer drinking in solitude, overall. Tea becomes quite interesting when you add liquor (which is one method how I make both more palatable).

    Oh, the horse on the bass drum looks a bit like a representation of the knight figure in chess!! I think I don't utilise my knights properly when playing chess - bishops' and queens' diagonal motion is easier for me to understand.
    Would you prefer if Black Horse had a "like" page on FB?
    You did not offend the fellow by offering reciprocal affection! He reminds me of my Latin/Greek classmate Matt (another English major) - looks similar. But then again, I have very bad people recognition skillz because they all look about the same if I don't talk with them much, regardless of ethnicity.

    I, too, get along better with older people, but you are outside the norm. (We are essentially the same age, anyway - I just have like a month and a half on you, barely)
    The biggest change to your dead love life will happen just by breathing some life into it! What was the guy's name? Will you interact with him at all outside of this show event?

    Alex the Chinese-Civ cellist clearly dislikes me, and Matt the Latin/Greek scholar just doesn't count for whatever reason. David Brown the violinist-composer who asked me out in high school on a dare is getting married to a female by the appellation of Kaitlyn. Cong the mathematician is busy with his Ph.D.. Rey the D&D proletariat is married now to Annah the librarian who seems to like me for whatever reason, and Spencer the computer scientist doesn't offer what his relationship status is on the Book of Faces, or whatever happened with Miyu.
    Ergo I am temporarily stumped on whom to entrance now.

    We'll just see whom I meet three weeks and a weekend from now, in China next year, and/or at U-Penn (which I use in abbreviation to avoid confusion with Penn State the public non-Ivy League institution of higher learning of Jerry Sandusky fame), the former which I am visiting this Thursday and regularly-ish Thursday afternoons for their Colloquia, for better exploration of the vast Latin and Greek study opportunities Emily Wilson and Julie Nishimura-Jensen described here offered to me - they are, besides their listed faculty positions, graduate chair and the post-baccalaureate director, respectively. I found the former more welcoming and excited over increasing the size of the field than the latter, but perhaps they just have different personalities, and the latter has to deal with a wider range of skill in Latin/Greek than just the elite crowd, since she directs people interested in the field finding their direction.

    Besides, I am studying those of better socio-economic status this year! I took Economics last semester, Sociology this term... Tomorrow I am going to the FHGL to pick up Wright Mills' The Power Elite, besides taking my neighbour/elementary school bff Janelle on the first tour of about five, since she just got accepted for next semester into the History program, but nothing really fun is open besides the FHGL tomorrow!
    I wouldn't have suggested it since nothing useful is open tomorrow as far as I can tell, except the Library is Very Useful and where we should be spending the majority of our time, anyway.

    My mother is far more domineering, too! She is more into Upper-Class Snobbery than my father, an elementary school string teacher cum bar musician, who just takes it as it comes like you're trying to do.

    Well, this is rather rambly. I combined related topics as best I could to make it easier to read!

    1. His name is Joe. I'm not sure, I guess I'll wait and see what happens with Facebook and whether or not we'll talk. I hate being a pest and I don't want to become one.

      I think my mom's domineering behavior comes from her thyroid problem and drinking, but I also think she has bipolar disorder too. It makes sense since she so vehemently denies mine. But, then again, I get tired of guessing and worrying about why she is the way she is. A 2013 goal of mine is to let go what mom thinks; I'll be 24 in July and it's time.

    2. You are in charge of half of the conversation with Joe! If you don't say anything to him, he won't necessarily say anything to you.

      Does the thyroid really dominate behaviour? O_o Drinking is a nice escape from worry, but I don't really understand why people do it as much, because it just smells poisonous.

      Having a disorder is not an excuse. You and she may indeed have disorders, but so what? I have regular brain problems from being rattled around a bit in 2008. That doesn't mean I'm not studying Latin and Greek.

    3. It dominates mood. It's partially in control of hormones and too many (or too little) can have an effect with moods. Of course, some people don't experience it... depends on the person! I don't think my mom and I will ever get along and you know what, I'm okay with that. I rather not live the life she lived (addicted to drugs before she was married, alcoholic, etc).

      I suppose you're right. I just feel like a pest. =\

    4. Do moods dominate behaviour then?
      My thyroid must be totally broken, looking at my mood pattern. Oh well! I don't know, I just keep going with it. Today at the dentist I found out my oral hygienist's alma mater was University of Pennsylvania, where I'm looking into Greco-Latin studies! All I can really do is learn from my mother's pattern.

      I think if you feel like a pest, you'll start acting like one... Think something different! As a creative writer, I think you can do it :3

    5. Hmmm... true, I suppose. Maybe this is something I'll work on in therapy this year. It might have to do with self esteem.

    6. It prolly does. I suppose to let my brain rest from that Medieval Latin crunch, I'll look at your Dear Me letter now-ish.