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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Letter (First Part)

What do you think so far? I have to do some research.

The Letter

عزيزتي ليلى,
العيد الميلاد سعيد! كيف الحال؟
أنا جدا. ذهبت الشرم الشيك  مع إمّي و أبي.

-لانا [1]

“Look, Layla, look!” she proudly screamed. Lana had just begun first grade and was so happy to finally be writing. Lana had been a year behind; born with developmental issues, the basic tasks were difficult for her.

“That’s great!” Layla giggled. She had been writing for a year, but she was happy for her friend and thought her teaching finally paid off. “Let me write you something that maybe you can read…”

Layla stared at the delicately ink-written script on the yellowed parchment paper that she had grabbed out of the paper machete shoebox. She almost forgot this letter existed; she smiled though it had been a bittersweet find. The day had been a quiet day, almost eerily quiet, but Layla was thankful all the same. Insha’allah, she thought to herself. “U ana ajmal sha5s bietmana bi mishwari isharekne,” Nancy Ajram’s angelic voice rang out of the TV—for four days only static, black and white scribbled static, filled the screen of their brand new TV. This has been the longest, at least in Layla’s memory that spans twenty years, which the TV had been blacked out by crisis; though this had been better than watching the carnage and mayhem that was taking place in Syria and Egypt.

Brrrr, the furor in the buzz pierced the children’s ears. 

[1] Dear Layla,
Happy Birthday! How are you? I’m good. I went to Sharm al Shiek with mom and dad.
I miss you!


  1. Interesting; what's it for? I'd be curious to read more.

    1. It's my last story for my creative writing class. I'll have the skeleton for this semester and add throughout the winter break. :)

  2. Do you still need to have your research done? /latelatelate