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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Christmas pt. I

My Christmas was awesome, although I kept waking up off and on during the night. I bought mom, dad and nan food from the Lincoln Room and I had it in the freezer. I was worried about waking up really late and putting stuff in the bags while they were up. I ended up getting up at 5am, took my thyroid pill and went downstairs and put the goods in the bags I made up. Fortunately they didn't thaw out by the time we opened them up at 8am. Nan, dad and mom were really surprised with them. :)

I had nan open the Lincoln Room gift first, as I wanted her to see first. Mom and dad opened theirs last.

Dad taking off the Hot Topic bag that I used to cover his first gift.

Baltimore Ravens stein/mug.

The beers.

Mom and the loose leaf and beer I gave her.

Mom and the book I made her.

Wesley opening his gift.

His pressies. 

The jersey was too big for me, so I gave it to dad and I have to order another one that fits me.

After we opened gifts, we had a French Toast casserole, then I went to nan's for a few hours where we watched Man v. Food. We both fell asleep for a little while.


  1. Great pictures! You all look like you were having a wonderful time. :)

    1. It was amazing and nice and relaxing too. :)

  2. *emerges from Bach lair* That's the second recording and I'm kind of in the late-middle - I've been listening to Bach since about 6. My parents got sick of it and ran off to a party.
    While I have Bach going on in the background, I've been crafting letters and talking to Rachel on LJ... The first epistle I discuss composition of is two ago now.

    How wonderful! I am glad your Christmas went well :) Mine I slept and have received about 15 awesome books. I dunno where to put them, though! @__@

    Did Wesley like his presents? I am most content with how fast Cong replied to my email I dashed off before midnight his time on Christmas day. He told me at 4 EST he had gotten it at 8, which sounds like about when I had written it [3].

  3. I had exaggerated the time, I wanted to add - Cong had written back to my Christmas letter within fifteen minutes of when I had sent it, by the time clock.

    Ergo I am more confident in his attraction to me. ♥

    1. Wesley LOVED his gifts. :) What books did you get? I just received work clothes. =\

      That's awesome. ^^ I haven't heard from Doug, it's not looking good.

  4. How wonderful! ^_^ I got a collection of Jules Verne and H.P. Lovecraft books, the Tao of Pooh, the Te of Piglet, a philosopher's book "Would You Eat Your Cat?", HERODOTUS, a Chekhov collection, and Dostoyevsky's Brothers Karamazov. (I pleaded with my parents not to get Crime and Punishment because it is so upsetting)

    I told Cong I only was going to write to him once more in 2012, so this one has to be full of very important stuff. What is a little uncomfortable, though, is that just after I had been reviewing logs of his and my conversation regarding Steven (whom I was attracted to at the time - like 3 years ago), Steven said (as of right now) on FB that he was going off to Shanghai, where I am going next year.
    Just because you haven't heard from Doug, I think you can't conclude poorly of his opinion of you!

    1. Those books sound awesome. I always wanted to read "Tao of Pooh" and "Te of Piglet;" they're on my reading list for 2013. ^_^

      His nanny just died, so it might be that...

    2. I'm done the Tao of Pooh, so if you want, I can loan mine to you! The Te of Piglet I'm still in the middle.

      Puts a damper on everything, doesn't it. I suppose you could send him condolences!

    3. Did already. :( I guess when he's ready...

      That would be awesome!

    4. You could express your regrets again in a different way!!
      I threw out my rough draft as just practice and am sending Cong something off the top of my head tomorrow because I think that's what he's liked best and that is what is easiest. He doesn't need to know quite as many precise details about the battles I've fought over the affection of other males.

      Are you going to be available at WCU next Thursday? I was going to suggest Tuesday, but that is actual New Year's and I am going to be unavailable then!

    5. Thursdays I work until 12, then off to the library. :(

    6. Alternate suggestion? Would you like me to just stick it in my bag for whenever I see you on campus?

      Cong told me (at 11...?) to give him 24 hours to get back to me. ♥

    7. I'm there the whole day Monday-Wednesday.