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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hair Cut / Gift Giving / Joey's Reaction

Getting the last of the blonde that I dyed a year and a half ago for my Lady Gaga party. It's so nice.

The final product

The haircut was free (but the dye was a nominal fee, no big deal). A few weeks ago Lenny, my friend that I met when he was drummer for Old School, posted a status about whomever posted a story on why they deserve a free haircut would get one. I was sitting in Starbucks (skipping a class) and taking a break from writing a paper when I saw the post. I wasn't expecting to win, but I posted, "Between tuition, Christmas and meds, I'm broke. I only have a little in my bank account and it makes me cry. I won't be getting a haircut in a long time." Whenever someone talks about money, I go into that. I know I shouldn't, but money has been stressing me out a lot lately. Tuition came due and I actually had to borrow money from a co-worker (I feel bad, but after her Christmas break I'll be paying her back that $35). Anyway, I "won" the free haircut. 

My dad dropped me off yesterday at 9:45; my appointment was at 10-- Lenny came walking in and I introduced my dad to him. He said I was a sweet girl and other compliments. It made me choke up a bit because there are days when I feel like no one can stand me and I'm a monster. Anyway, my dad left after that to do Christmas shopping and I was brought to the back. The worn out colour was the first thing we talked about, which took me by surprise because the women who cut my hair in the past never said anything about it or dismissed it as being the "in" style of having faded edges. I told Lenny that and he just laughed, but he said he shouldn't be because that style is not "in." He specializes in corrective colouring. 

After the colouring and the washing, he brings me back to his station and we begin chatting about school. His son just finished his first semester at St. Joe's. I talked about finishing up my semester. It was nice getting caught up because once he moved to his new band, I hadn't seen him up until 2 weeks ago (so I hadn't seen him in a year). When dad picked me up, he was surprised by the results -- in a good way -- and when I got home everyone loved my hair. :) I'm sending him a thank you/Christmas card. I felt blessed yesterday. I do have friends, not many, but the friends I do have love me for who I am and try to help me. Mom might complain they're old, but I don't care -- a friend is a friend and I'm lucky to have mine.

Then after lunch, I went to Aunt Linda's to give the boys their gifts. They had me open mine first and when I opened it, I saw a box and when I saw the NFL logo I was surprised. I opened up quickly and to my delight, it was a Packers piggy bank! ^_^ I thanked them up and down. Then Joey, being the youngest, opened his gift (from me). He seemed to like the picture I took, which he thought was of an old Packers player (I explained to him it was from a college game I went to) and seemed to like the CDs. He knew half the songs (^_^) and couldn't wait to listen. Jason opened his next and he seemed to love it too. My aunt loved the Alice In Chains shirt I gave him -- she said it was a nice shirt (^_^). He said he couldn't wait to listen to his CD either. When Josh came back from learning how to drive, he opened his up too -- an Alice In Chains CD, and seemed to like it. I hope they did.

The Packers piggy bank and the awesome card my friend Aubman sent me.


  1. Money certainly consumes you :/ I survived studying the Economy last semester, and I have a handy chart on the fridge I mark every week regarding how much is going to my purported trip to Guizhou University this summer, and sometimes I bury myself in the Business section of the New York Times, but I don't think about it too much otherwise.

    I got my hair trimmed yesterday as well, but no dye was involved. I just rid myself of split ends. Mother wants me to visit once more before Guiyama, but I think I am going to stay about the same. She paid for it. I spoke with the beautician about schooling - she had gone to metropolitan school after high school, iirc!

    I try never to skip classes because lecture attendance impacts my grade directly - even if it isn't recorded every session. I only miss class when I'm very ill - the extra credit for perfect attendance is also nice. Class is what I am giving up my life for, after all... This way, I am bewildered by what seems like pride: "I skipped class the other day! :D"

    Your "winning" story was very short. It seems more like an exhortation: "Please give me a free hair cut because I can't afford it :("

    I think that a strong body of friends should help feeling like no one can stand you... but I get that feeling too after putting such constant stress on Academia and talking as much as I have about the former Soviet Union (my Father claimed he could write a passing essay on why its Economy collapsed in 1991 - there are two scientifically grounded theories - uh oh, but I sense I am ranting).

    As far as the colour of my hair goes, I am excited for when it starts going grey :D it should add to my credibility as a Latin expert. The other huge project I had going on besides the Soviet Stuff and the Salt's Effect on the Ancient Chinese Economy was about Roman History - its founding in arguably 753 BC, the myth of Romulus and Remus [ergo why it's called Rome], the monarchy, then I ended at the time of Matthew since that is what we translated all semester - the Gospel of Matthew. I've been doing a lot of history this semester, but I now understand it gives a useful context!

    I don't talk about my hair so very few notice anything's different.

    My parents largely don't comment on my friends, but let me try and remember junk... Mother is a little surprised I still talk with you, but she is thankful I still associate with Cong for the peer pressure to excel similarly. (His school is in a trimester system like Victoria's and is scary.) The other person she considers is Janelle, who is coming to West Chester next year, and has been my friend since elementary school.

    (I just had to interpret how much the gift cards mom got were - $130 total)

    I am only a few months older than you, Jessica!

    Hurrah your relatives enjoyed their presents! ^_^