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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Curly Poem

I'm about to sit down and write about my morning adventure in Green Bay when I visited Curly Lambeau's birth house. I'm writing poems to start each narrative. Please let me know what you think of the poem:

On the street where he was born,
grass and weeds precisely shorn
and flowers line row by row,
light fragrance in the wind blows
with trees that cause forlorn.

Red brick house, carefully adorn;
cold Wisconsin sun, flannel is worn.
With white, snow men line below--
to Curly, a Christmas delight.

6-12 inches, the radio warns
against the blowing of the French horn;
candles on the windowsill, a lightshow.
Fire that flickers, sends the cold below.
Sledding, hot chocolate, he's first-born--
on the street carefully hidden in Green Bay.



  1. I like the -orn and -ow rhyme scheme! (-ow as in the omega sound, not aiao like rhyming with cow. And truthfully, in Russian, Moscow ends with an -a sound - Москва - in English, it rhymes with show or as in your poetry: row, blow, show, below.)

    But where is the -ight rhyme? Or is delight supposed to stand out and not rhyme with anything, ergo garner the most attention?

    Have you started to write the narratives yet?

  2. -ight is supposed to standout. :) Hold on, let me show you the example I was following:

    Yes, I started on one more. It's slowly coming along. I'm looking for a title. I want to call it the Birth House, but I'm thinking in French since Lambeau (Curly's last name) sounds French.

    1. When I see Curly, I think Three Stooges and slapstick humour.

      There are millions of French dictionaries on the Internet. I would think nati-[French ending] ville would be something like that, since that's the Latin birth, where nativity comes from. I'm trying to pull from my mind what the birth canal is called in anatomy, since that's the same thing. It isn't popping to mind and I'm lazy to check Wikipedia.

    2. Hmmm, good question let me look it up:

      Oh god, eww. I'm at work. I really hope they don't track what we do on the internet. =\

    3. But, there's also this:

    4. Before looking, I guessed probably fero. I'm less anxious to see what grossed you out! Perhaps now, since I've just been researching around the Greek-rooted word "oligarchy".

    5. Oh, I knew the etymology of vagina! :D I didn't know the full name of the g-spot, though, not until now. *expands "adult" knowledge*

      Guess I mis-attributed the nati-root, but I DO have my Latin dictionary handy, SO let's take a look now! ^^ *flip flip flip*
      Ahhh, my Latin dictionary tends to define words by the Greek term! E.g.: nanus = νἀνος - as though I know my Greek so much better. e_e Frankly, I feel most comfortable with Latin and Russian; Greek and Chinese are the brand new tongues to me. I DID GET AN A IN GRE201 THOUGH :D it was so hard, I was really scared I was going to tank that one! Especially since TR at 12:30 I am a husk of my true form...
      It was CHINESE CIV MWF 10am that got me, though... so I am only just BARELY an honors student. I'm so embarrassed, especially since my parents made such a big deal over THAT!! I feel guilty goofing off - tomorrow from 4:30-8:30 I'll be cashier, though.
      It drives me CRAZY that grocery store schedules next week on Fridays x__x

      naevus is birth mark!
      nata is daughter, and natis is rump, buttocks! *just relaying dictionary entries*
      natalicius means "of the hour of birth"!
      natio is birth or origin!
      OK, that is enough for this week. *hides dictionary* I usually spend Tuesday nights studying the more risque parts of Latin history, although this upcoming semester is to be Medieval Latin, so it will probably be a bit more PG-rated. That professor, though, will most likely find the most scandalous parts of that time period!!
      I SWEAR Jessica I was too embarrassed half the time last semester to relate the exact words of my translations! @__@

      What grosses you out about what you found? It's just human anatomy. Does it give you uncomfortable/awkward thoughts?
      Thank you for fact-checking me, though! <3

    6. I was just more nervous because I was at work, not sure if they monitor, so looking at certain anatomy MIGHT be bad, lol.

  3. Good poem; I had to look up who Curly Lambeau was though! :D

    1. I'm hoping when it appears in my travelogue, it's more obvious. :)