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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas with Old School / Toasting Deb

Last night Old School had a Christmas/End of the World party. It was so much fun.

Me before the party.

It's washed out, but he always does funny poses for my pictures.

Deb, my friend from Wisconsin, was being honored by Corgi Nation for her generosity. I had a drink to toast her. This is what I had: Liquid Heroin

Tomorrow night we're having Christmas Eve at my aunt's a day early. She's going to VA, my other cousin's boyfriend is home from the Navy, so she'll be spending it with him; we decided to do it early. Expect lots of pictures this week, JUST A WARNING!


  1. *dead from retail*

    No photo of you after the party?
    Your Christmas tree is in a more conspicuous place than mine.

    The comments on the Liquid Heroin link somewhat entertain me! I don't think I want to be able to join the conversation about what the illicit drugs are like, though...
    I hope you enjoyed your beverage :) I have mostly had Vodka (after the research paper on it). It's cool how it smells like rubbing alcohol, but after you drink it... then I don't clearly remember what happened after that. Except my coordination definitely went down severely.

    Last week when my mother took me to the state store they let me try the wine samples! I generally didn't like them, though - if it tastes vaguely like grape, why isn't it grape juice? Yuck. Mother wanted me to be able to distinguish between good wine and questionable stuff for future reference.

    I'll critique your photography when it comes along! :)

    1. Afterwards, I just felt really tired after having the Liquid Heroin, Jack and Coke and Irish Car Bomb. Nothing picture worthy. :p

      I like vodka. I don;t get drunk though (bad, bad, bad, alcoholism runs in my family). Wine is hit or miss for me, I like Lake Country Red though (cheap table wine).

      Christmas Eve at my aunt's today!

    2. Okay.

      I think I do, too, but my first choice is a nice cup of loose-leaf tea. Thank you so much! orz

      How was the Christmas Eve celebration? My friend Janelle was left by herself in her Alabama relatives' house for like 6 hours when they went shopping.

      I am just quietly raking in the funding for my upcoming Guizhou University trip... I didn't think I would be eligible to go after that disastrous GPA result, but I still may attend, Dr Chien says!
      (I am nearly to the halfway point, and my parents are matching me when I reach that halfway point!)
      I am not mentioning exact amounts here, for protection. My parents love the pecuniary chart I've posted on our refrigerator, though.