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Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Tea/ Putting up the Tree

Sorry I've been slacking for a few days; between my final paper and a holiday tea party this weekend, things have been hectic.

Saturday was a lot of fun, though. Although #67 couldn't make it to tea, Christina, Claire and I had a great time. It was filled with picture taking, cheer and laughs with delicious tea sandwiches and tea.

And on Sunday, we decorated the tree:

(I love this picture for some reason)

I gave #67 his gift today. I guess I was brave despite the nerves. I hope he likes it!

Now I'm off to watching TV... I worked on that paper enough, I'll finish it tomorrow.


  1. Done the paper? :P

    Today I have three exams! (Political Analysis, Koine Greek, and Roman Satire) I have brought my Chinese junk too, though, because that professor wants us to Wikipedia and other resource seek the exact answers by tomorrow. The exam is more of a test of answer-presentation than anything.

    Hope your day is going well - I find it bizarre you can fit "full-time student" studies into MWF.

  2. It's a lot of work, but it can be done. :) Before I started working here, it was much cheaper to commute only three days a week instead of 5. I still find it to be the case, but working makes up for it I suppose.

    Not yet. I'm worried. My payment for $140 went through for tuition. I MIGHT have paid twice and can't afford it. I'm hoping I didn't because I don't have the $35 to stop the check from my bank. As soon as I get back from the bursar, I'm going to sit at work and work on my paper... inconspiculously.

    1. Was the line long? I just came out of my Political Analysis exam - it was tons of fun! Doodled a hammer & sickle on the back since I had the time and wondered at the bottom if my fascination with Communism had to do with studying People's Republic of China, studying the Union pf Soviet Socialist Republics, talking incessantly with Dr Polsky, or if I should maintain a null hypothesis - it is just something that intrigues me.

      If you paid twice, WCU will be kind and refund you like everyone else! The refund check takes a little time, but it comes eventually.

    2. Fortunately, WCU got rid of the 2nd payment this morning. ::wipes sweat:: I also walked to my bank to talk with them. Claire, I'm broke. I can't wait to payday this Friday.

      I got to the Bursar's first thing, so no line.

    3. It got worked out, see :) You can make it the rest of the way until payday!

  3. I love that picture of you all in front of that Christmas tree! :)

    Your tree looks beautiful. My family is building a "tree" like we did last year; when we decorate it I'll see if I can get some pictures of it.

    Good luck with #67. ;)

    1. Can't wait to see pictures. :) I want to see this building. :)

      Thanks! I'm going to need it, lol. ;)