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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving / What I'm Thankful For

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”
The record spins; the fire warms the room—
Logs crackle, flames sparkle and dance,
Friends sit around, turkey on the table,
Thanksgiving, being thankful for everything—
For love, for friendship, for family;
Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year,
Gather in front of the fire, football on TV;
Packers secure 11-0 in 2011, what does 2012 bring;
The Texas at the Lions, the Patriots at Jets,
So sit in front of the fire, your belly full,
Football on your mind—enjoy this lovely day!
Happy Thanksgiving!

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”
the record spins; TV blaring with consumption of beer—
gather in front of the fire, last year Packers: 11-0!
What does 2012 bring, the Lions, a Thanksgiving tradition, oh—
Texans 9-1, will they kick butt like the Packers did a year ago?
Whatever the outcome, we will surely know—
Patriots at the Jets, will the game be a run away?
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, they say,
for love, for friendship, for family, for football;
so sit in front of the fire, chestnuts’ scents loll—
logs crackle, flames sparkle and dance,
call up the apple of your eye, take the chance
and watch the reds, oranges and yellows flicker.
You gotta love the scent of turkey and confetti ticker,
sit down after the important call and enjoy!
‘tis a day for love and gratitude and traveler’s joy!

Happy Thanksgiving!


I personally love the 2nd poem better and will be going with that one. :) I feel it catches the spirit better. The Texans won (yay! I was rooting for them since the Lions are the Packers rivals) and now I'm watching the Cowboys and Redskins game. I have no particular one I'm rooting for. At 8:20 pm the Jets and Pats play, I'll be rooting for the Jets (YAY! Tebow!).

Now onto what I'm thankful for. Andrew's blog mentioned health; although I'm not 100% healthy (my thyroid was off and was increased to 100 mcg, and I'm still experiencing emotional disturbances, I'm praying it's not a psychiatric change), I'm glad I have very good doctors who are awesome at their jobs and listening. This includes my therapist. Before her, I would struggle with the therapists at school and felt misunderstood. It's a nice change. Even though my health isn't perfect, I'm thankful that I still have pretty good health considering.

I'm also thankful for nan and my dad. They made me who I am today. At the end of her life, I can't spend as much time as I want with her right now because of school, but once school ends I'll be spending weekends with her hopefully. I really appreciate what she has done for me and I appreciate all dad has done.

Today has been a nice day, which I'm glad about, I hope it can stay this way!


  1. Lovely post, Jessica. Both of your poems made me smile, and I'm pleased to see the happy faces in your pictures. :) I'm really glad you've had a wonderful day, you do deserve it! :)

    1. :) I'm making my friend a poetry book of poetry (something different than what I'm giving #67) and I'm thinking of putting poem #2 in it.

  2. I like the rhyme scheme of the second poem better myself :)

    The photos portray the warmth of the season well, in my opinion.
    I'm just concerned about my sister Victoria since it seems she didn't do very well in her inaugural semester at RIT D: Her semester finished last Friday, and she just got her grade report today. (???)
    She really DID enjoy her time up north away from the Family. It's just that the silly little number on her report did not match her expectations.
    Maybe I should say something along the lines of GPA not really mattering too much IRL... but I've already gone on at length about the golden 4.0, and the pressure amongst my crowd is heavily academia-based...

    I also don't really know what to say about what I'm most thankful for on LJ...
    On FB I just did the public-appeal thing for politics. IRL I'm honestly not thankful for everyone.
    *shrug* :D?

    1. I hope Victoria did okay!

      I find it hard sometimes to be thankful. :\

    2. It depends on your definition of "okay" how she did. She did horribly by 4.0 standards, mediocre by RIT standards, "just fine" by human being standards, and "AMAZING!!" by my mother's standards.

      What makes gratitude difficult for you?

    3. Eh, I dunno, I feel like if I can buy something there's nothing to be thankful for. My health isn't 100%, so I can't truly be thankful for that. ;\

    4. You are breathing!
      I am thankful you can still do that ♥ Keep up the good work, Jessica!!!

      What you told me totally puzzles me.
      Can you only be thankful for things you can buy and perfect health?