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Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday in Philadelphia

Today SEPTA had a Santa Express on the Market-Frankfort line, so I went into the city to check it out. It was great. They had elves, singers and musicians get on to spread cheer and brought laughter to all the children that were making the trek to see Santa at the Gallery. Here are a few pictures I could get, they're blurry because the train was moving:

You can sorta see the band, but again, people were standing in the way.

This was taken at the Bierstube. Bierstube is located on 2nd and Market, you walk a little north to get there after you get off the MFL (Market Frankfort Line). I'm normally not a beer person, but I had their imported beer called "Daisy Girl" and it was awesome. It almost had a flowery taste. I also had a burger and that was delicious atop a pretzel roll. If I can, I'll write more about it and post it when I do. :)

Nice day out, tomorrow is my friend's baby shower. Now, it's off to read for my Native American lit paper. 


  1. Nice pictures! I can see the band in the distance of that second picture. Funny to see a band on a train! :D

    Not so keen on the beer, but that food looks really good! :)

    1. Haha, yeah. It was a nice day out. :) I knew today would be the only day I'd get into the city. I plan on having lunches with friends for the month of December.

      I feel a little guilty though. My friend is buying me a ticket to New Years Eve in NYC. I appreciate it, but I dunno. How do I tell my parents?

  2. It seems you had fun! I can't tell the blurry ones - maybe that implies my general field of vision is blurry...

    Do you have to have this Native American lit paper read by Monday? Can't you enjoy your break?

    Hmm, also, would you like to have lunch with me next week? As I've said on LJ, I had lunch with a male trumpeter at Sykes last week! My interesting kissing embouchure conversation related to this trumpeter is on my more-private blog. See, one of my non-WCU musician friends had told me that trumpeters are better kissers than low brass, implying that I'm going to experience the less-sloppy embouchure of the trumpeter's kiss.

    As far as I can tell, he is only overly talkative to everyone and not necessarily wanting to date me. The cellist from Greek is also being so reserved I can't really tell what he wants - maybe after the break I'll email him and offer a Final review session in HIS306?

    The knowledge that low brass are sloppy kissers makes me glad that David Brown (the concertmaster of my high school orchestra with whom I had a thing in 2007, who also plays tuba) has not actually kissed me! Although it is true at the point I had the thing with him, he had not played tuba yet, only being the violin concertmaster of the high school orchestra...

    What was at the Bierstube? (I'm normally a straight-Vodka person myself, to my family's delight)

    Which friend is having the baby shower?
    I haven't gotten close enough to any male for even a 1% chance of a baby shower in the next year. The possibility only slightly increases in the summer of the year after, because one of the Chinese comrades at Guizhou University may talk me into something I don't immediately understand, having very limited Chinese speech capabilities... eventually I'll talk to Cong about this, because maybe he'll be able to help me practise saying the phrase "I don't want to..." and then all the vocabulary - although Xinhua has already helped me a little about that!

    I mean T_T it's TOTAL INSANITY - you can actually SPEAK 普通话? I can't or if I can, my accent is very tainted by Japanese and Russian. My sister humiliates me regularly about that language!

    (I'm relieved, I nearly didn't get to this when it was still Black Friday...)

    Did you put the white border on the pictures? It makes the photos seem brighter.

  3. Nah, blogger put the white borders on. I can see it though. :) My friend Victoria is having the shower, her maiden name was Chambers but is now newly married.

    I'd love to do lunch!I'm free Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 9 and 11 am.

    1. Ah.

      I could eat with you WF 9, MW 11.