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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Baby Shower for Baby Ashlynn

Today I ventured to West Goshen Community Park for my friend, Victoria's baby shower. Although it was small, it was beautiful. It was chilly out (a mere 41 degrees) that we only lasted at the park for an hour; we packed into Vic's tiny Prius (Elizabeth, her mother and I) and went back to her house. When we got there her dad had a fire waiting for us. It felt perfect. It was cozy and nice getting caught up both with Elizabeth and Victoria. I hadn't talked to Elizabeth since May and Victoria in a year. It was nice. :)

The happy parents to be! :)

My gift to her. When we were at her house, she took them out, but I didn't get pictures. I bought her an Eagles onesy, a pink onesy and purple pants to go along with it, as well as soaps and shampoos.

Yeah, self-timers suck.

Much better when someone else takes the picture!

Oh yeah! Victoria's dad also collects beer cans. I don't know how we got on the subject, but I mentioned I was on ebay and was going to buy a Ravens beer can for dad and it shipped from somewhere in West Chester. Apparently, it was him! He gave me a Ravens can filled with beer (dad's going to love it) as well as other cans of beer with the Ravens theme. Dad's going to be ecstatic; it'll go perfectly with his Ravens stein. I thanked her dad up and down. Her family was very nice.

Now, I'm off to get ready to go to Screwballs. Old School's old drummer's new band is playing tonight. I can't wait to see them to see what they sound like!


  1. How was Screwballs and Old School's old drummer's new band?

    I've been ill with a 102°F fever as of last night, but this morning it broke, so I may go to the Philadelphia Orchestra concert I had planned. ^_^ It is to be French music - "A Taste of Paris" is its title! Mother told me to be cautious, because even if my temperature reads 98.6°F, that doesn't mean I'm 100% better.

    So Victoria's dad is the eBay seller?

    1. It was awesome!I must admit, I like Blackhorse a little bit better than Old School. It wasn't as loud (I didn't leave sounding almost deaf) and they played a variety. Of course, I'll still see Old School. :)

      Yep, I am about to wrap the box of beer now. Later when I go to nan's I'll stash it in her basement with the bar pack I bought him (with two bottles of beer).

      I hope you feel better and I hope you get to go to the Philadelphia Orchestra! I personally always wanted to go to one, they always seemed neat.

    2. Can you sound deaf? *perplexed*

      What colour wrapping paper? Sounds good.

      Thank you! My father loves the Philly Orchestra, so he is insistent we'll go.

      This is the college student rate. I don't use it, because I want to support the Orchestra - also I don't think that I would have the freedom of seat selection if I used it.

    3. Okay, feel deaf. :p Whatever the feeling, it feels hollow and my ears ring.

      It's a white paper that says "MERRY CHRISTMAS" in green and red written on it. I try to use the old wrapping paper before I use the newer papers (which are prettier) -- I save that for my parents to use. I can't believe Christmas is a month away.

      That's not bad -- $25. How much are tickets usually?

    4. Aww.

      That makes sense! It is, exactly.

      Ticket price depends on where you sit!
      Different places in Verizon Hall cost different amounts of money. My father told me my trip to China costs about as much as a subscription to the Philly Orchestra, but he won't tell me how much any of it is, exactly.
      So I don't know the exact amount, but I understand it is not cheap.

    5. Ah, I guess I'll just stay and watch School of Music's performances until I can afford Philly. :)

    6. Be careful and read carefully: some SOMPAC concerts you still have to pay for, even if discounted for being a WCU student! (WCU Symphonic Orchestra, I'm looking at you.)

      The main mid-day concerts are TR at noon, as I recall, although Dr Cranmer's piano studio concert is next Thursday at 3!
      Then Friday at 4 a senior organist is performing, then at 8:15 same day the Chamber Orchestra.

      YES 4 Dec. (Tuesday) there's a noon keyboard recital!

  2. It's great you got to see a couple of your friends again. I actually like that self-timer shot of yours: they're tricky, but they're worthwhile once you get the hang of them! :D

    Congratulations to the parents, too. :)

  3. I'm just not a fan of the table in the picture, but at least it is clear!