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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Two Poems

Last night I went to a poetry reading at my school. The speaker was Eric Chappell. He inspired me. :) Here are two poems I just wrote:

The Poet

The poet sits
with quill in hand,
in the quiet corner,
his feet on firm land.

The poet writes
on the Steno pad,
submerged in water,
dreams of a wee lad.

The poet sees,
sloppy words on paper,
complications of life,
clouds and butterflies taper.

The poet reads
from his beloved book,
head above the clouds,
not a single breath took.

The Piercing Shop
Located loudly on the corner,
next to the skate shop;
punks in plaid pants
and black goth band tops.
They walk through the door,
below a black sign,
∞ a secret code in white--
at the glass counter, a line.

Located loudly on the corner,
bikes littered in front;
hoardes of people sit on the bench,
waiting through lines to punt
into the four rooms,
painted purple or blue
where you will be fitted
by men and women tattooed.

Located loudly on the corner,
the hustle and bustle in punk city;
a felt pen; lines of dark blue,
marks the ear, nose, whatever, itty bitty.
The needle is sterilized,
alcohol scented, breathe in and out;
the needle pierces through--
but you don't scream or shout.

Located loudly on the corner,
next to the skate shop,
bikes littered in front,
on the graffitied blacktop.
Satisified, a hefty sum in cash,
feet shuffle and dance, the sting drowned,
on the streets of the hustle and bustle
in the paradise that is a punk rock town.


  1. I Googled "Eric Chappell". Do you mean the one in this link or somebody with the same name?

  2. I might have gotten his name wrong (I was at work while writing this and didn't have the book in front of me).

    Fred Chappell is his name. :)

    1. Ha ha, that's fine! :) Still, Eric Chappell sounds like he would have been interesting!

  3. I really like the poet poem!! I think it's pretty meaningful.

    I don't see the point of the "located loudly" poem, though.