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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Love is All (plan)

I decided to start from scratch. Here is a little of what I've written so far, but it's going to change a little.

Well, I walk to Earth like it's easier than land. Alone. Littered among her were people, drunk people, sober people, all people glowed in the dark as the Corona or Bud Light or Miller neon lights shone down upon them. Alone. That's all that she felt, alone among the people. The band was playing, the guitars were humming, the basses were blaring and the drums droned. Tonight was the night that her beau played. Well, technical he wasn't her beau, but it was her fantasy. Loneliness laughed at her.

She had been Facebook friends with him since the beginning of Facebook. She doesn't remember when his blue eyes, pale white skin and dirty blonde hair took her heart hostage, but she sat longingly at the computer. He had went to New York for college. He was 600 miles away and that pained her. She buried him out of her mind for awhile--ignoring the floods of invites to concerts in New York. Threshold of Pain. Who was Threshold of Pain? She supposed it was his band (it was, she later learned). She didn't drive, she couldn't go. Until one day he appeared back in Wisconsin and the magic invite came, inviting her to the local bar. Her desire had been awaken.

"I went to summer camp with you," she had said awkwardly a year and a half ago. She was tipsy, but nervous. She was newly 21; she was still learning the ropes, but in this sense with her nervousness, it wasn't mixing well. We used to be friends, she almost said, but took it back before it slipped out of her mouth. Her face was a tomato red and sweat pertruded or felt like it was rushing down her forehead.

"Yeah, I remember going to that camp. We all went to that camp," three other guys joined in, standing next to him. They were all blonde-haired, had blue eyes and wore flannel (he wore red, the guitarist wore blue, the singer wore green and the bassist wore white) and jeans. Staring into the blue of his eyes, her heart beats uncontrollably  It was loud and it made her paranoid.


  1. Nice; I'd like to read more. :) If you're in need of any error-spotting I saw a few that need fixing, but I suspect that you mainly wanted an opinion on the story itself. :)

    1. Opinion, please. :) I'm going to go back and change things. I'm slowly working on it. Damn schoolwork. >_<