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Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Journey into Volunteerism (September 15, 2012)

Last Saturday I ventured into Philadelphia to volunteer at a shelter with my aunt. Located in Rittenhouse Square, the shelter relies on organic gardens to feed the residents (and whatever the residents don't use is sold at the local farmers market with the money being used to go to the teenagers that live there). We ended up gardening. It was fun. :)

Baby Watermelon


  1. Good pictures! Great work with the volunteering! :D

  2. Gardening is always fun..... and in the process you get to learn a lot.

    1. Ohhh yeah. Some of the destitute worked with us and it was interesting to hear their stories. The residents used to be former addicts.


    I wish I had time to volunteer a bit more... but Life Is Busy.
    The campus gardening effort sends me emails semi-regularly, but I am trying to maintain a high GPA so I don't really have a chance to garden. I barely have a chance to ensure the broad-leaf philandrome in my room is watered.

    If I had this precious time, I'd volunteer at the Library and/or look into being a Page like Meghan told me about earlier this semester.

    I once went into Rittenhouse Square every Sunday for Orchestra~! (When I had time for it. Now I don't even have time for WCU's musical ensembles @_@ and responding here is only possible because I have a LOT of tea - I'm about halfway done)
    My family is more concerned with money than volunteering, sadly. They wanted me to do well in the business school of WCU so I could tell them how to save money better, but then they later told me to stay focused and do well in fewer subjects, so sadly Economics got the shaft, even if I really like the professor, David. (My uncle is also named David, and it's easy to remember, because they're both extremely concerned about the Economy!)
    I dropped Economics because Latin, Greek, and Chinese Civilisation were eating up all of my time and I do not really need it.
    HOWEVER, I think everyone can do with knowing how to handle money. I only know a LITTLE, but the stock market is one of the places where people hit it rich, and inheritance, and Just Saving Every Penny. (And oil, like Mikhail Prokhorov)

    I am making remarks to make me feel better about deleting every mention of your blog - I remember getting rid of something, but I think it was just your friends' comments...