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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lambeau Leapin’ Through Wisconsin: Night #1 Milwaukee

I don’t want to get into too much detail here because I’m going to be writing a book about my travels.

On August 12, I left my house around 7am to begin my journey through Wisconsin, namely Green Bay and Milwaukee. I departed at 9:30am and with an hour layover, I made Milwaukee at 2pm. The plan was I’d spend the first night in Milwaukee since I’d miss the only Greyhound bus en route to Green Bay for that day. I’d then go back to Milwaukee after five days in Green Bay. That plan really worked, especially since I had the opportunity to rest after the long flight.
When I arrived at the hotel, I struck up a conversation with the concierge especially about my travels. It was brought up after she saw my ID and thought it was interesting that I traveled all the way from Pennsylvania to be here; she also asked why. “I’m a huge Packers fan,” I explained, “I am going to see the training camp and preseason game.” She was amazed with my dedication and willingness to travel that thousand or so miles; she was also happy that I am a Packers fan.
With the ticket the concierge gave me for the Wisconsin State Fair, I go. It was neat and so much fun. That fair was interesting; it was mostly a livestock show (I learned so much about one of my favorite animals, goats, that night that I can name at least five different breeds and what makes them different, haha) and fried food stands. I had my first corn dog (it was alright) and the cream puffs at this fair were huge.  The Wisconsin State Fair is known for their cream puffs; the receptionist at my hotel told me not to miss them and to stock up on them: they were good, but I didn’t stock up on them because of the hassle of carrying them all over Wisconsin and well, I’d probably eat them all and they weren’t light.

That’s pretty much it for night #1.


  1. I love that picture with you on the camel. :)

    1. Thank you. I'm slowly getting to your entries. Between my gram's health, work, getting up at 4am and uploading pictures, it's been tough. :\