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Monday, August 27, 2012

Creative Writing Prompt

Today I started school and had my first creative writing class. For an assignment we had a prompt with different options. I choose: a 16 year old homeless guy/girl (girl) living near a lake. Let me know what you think:

The waves of Lake Michigan glisten in the distance. It had been a long, hard winter in Milwaukee; harsher than usual. The salt permeates the air and the wind plays with the cherry blossom branches. The pale pink petals swirl in Katniss’s dark brown hair.
April. The waves crash along the docks. Edelweiss boat tours run along this dock; April means they would be starting up again after a break for the brutal winters of Wisconsin. The last tour was in December—a Christmas dinner—the snowflakes danced on Lake Michigan and frost attempted to kill the waves. The air smelled of death and the coldness of the wind numbed her skin. At this point it wasn’t obvious that Katniss was homeless; who would think a sixteen year old would be thrown out on the streets? Katniss had money, some to enjoy a Christmas dinner cruise. Now, she wouldn’t be able to afford it, she blew it all on Christmas.
The Wisconsin air smelled fresh; the cherry blossoms’ honey scent permeated the air; death had faded. Yet, it still wasn’t warm enough to put away her lone blanket and favorite Rodgers jersey. It wouldn’t be warm enough until at least June, especially around the Lake. No one could ever predict the weather; it could snow up until late April. Katniss prayed that it wouldn’t, she knew she couldn’t survive another snowfall after the blizzards of 2010.
Whirls form in the waves. Wind has a way of messing with the psyche. No more tears, she thought, but she couldn’t stop them. Katniss always loved Lake Michigan, but now it’s her worst nightmare. She wished she could take back what she had done—she didn’t mean to forge her mother’s signature, okay, yes she did, but it didn’t have to warrant being kicked on the streets. Her mother had told everyone that Katniss was always a bad seed and her drinking habits and constant lying didn’t help her case. Yet, this was hard time. She has been left to beg for food and a homeless shelter wasn’t an option.
The eddies distort her dirty, freckled face. She almost had someone; she met a nice guy in the coldness and darkness of January. The park in which she slept had been covered and this boy had been strolling along taking pictures of the snowy landscape. He took notice of her Aaron Rodgers jersey and struck up a conversation. He was about five years older than Katniss. She didn’t mean to lie—she was desperate—her roommate had kicked her out for a few moments “to have alone time with the boyfriend” and she wanted someone to hang out with. To make a long story short, her lie lasted for a month and she had to confess when she started stealing from him.
Katniss spits in the water. The trees rustle in the background. It was time for her to leave Lake Michigan and go to a homeless shelter. Lake Michigan was her savior and her sin.


  1. I started today, myself!

    What were the criteria for this piece? Word-count? Connecting pieces of information together? This is a little over 500 words.

    [Talking with Rey's wife I discovered what arouses me! I am a little embarrassed, naturally. But no wonder...]

  2. It had to be 2-3 pages, double spaced. Other than that, it is our own free will to do whatever.

    [Aww, I love those self-discoveries, even if they are embarrassing!]

  3. This is a good piece. :) Do you intend on expanding it?

    1. Maybe. It might be for a later assignment.

      I have so much to do this weekend. I renamed "Juneteenth" to "Becoming Green and Gold?" and I have to finish it to be critiqued by my class next Friday, then I have another short story due on Wednesday.