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Monday, July 16, 2012

Turks Head Music Festival

30th Annual Turks Head Music Festival

It feels weird being in West Chester on a Sunday; usually I stroll the town Monday-Friday while I am here for work and school (and when my bus, Septa 92, runs; they don't run Sundays). It's a nice change, however. When I step off bus #104, the transportation center is empty, but it quickly changes when I step out into the hot and humid sunshine and people hustle and bustle around Gay and Market streets. I stop at Starbucks first: I was not sure if the festival will have drinks and if they do, I had a feeling the prices would be exorbitant. Besides, the little walking I did I felt some of the sweat roll down my back, I needed some time to cool down before beginning my trekk again.

"Where is Everhart Park," I meekly ask the barista. In my four years since attending West Chester University, I never adventured past the Mad Platter on Gay Street. I was excited to finally see this infamous Everhart Park that people gloated about a lot.

"You'll have to go down a block and keep west." It is vague, but I remembered from the directions I printed, but forgot, that I was to look for West Miner Street and keep left until I reached South Brandywine Street.

"Thank you."

I head out the door and make my way towards Miner Street. I know where that is as I walk past it everyday on my walks, but something comes over me when I doubt that maybe that is the wrong way. I head back to Market Street to ask people for directions, but they were just as clueless and were of no help. Finally I decide that maybe the street I passed everyday was the correct one; I made my way towards that. A couple passing by me confirmed my directions were correct.

The walk along West Miner Street seemed to take forever, but it was a nice little walk despite the humidty that frizzed my hair. An elderly gentleman cleaning his sidewalk saw me coming and waves, so I ask him if this is the direction to the park. "Yes, you're two blocks away, keep straight and you'll hear the music." Sure enough as I was one block away, I heard the ferocity and loudness of guitars and drums.

In the distance I hear the chanting of the Turkish band singing in their native tongue as I walk along the shaded path to see what the venders had to offer. I was hoping to find some ecclectic and almost bohemian clothes that I could buy.Sadly, nothing piqued my interest and I went back to see the Turkish band that called themselves Barakka. Sitting in full sun, I stand mesmorized partly by the Turkish and snaring drums and the humming of the guitars. The lead singer is also good looking. I don't want their playing to stop, but sadly it ended. Luckily, the lead singer posed for a picture with me and that made my day.

Jazz, I never liked jazz. The Rob Swanson Project was the next band to perform. I saw that as my opportunity to get lunch. The price for food, like I thought, was exorbitant. The crab cake sandwich I bought was $7 and the lemonade was $3. Walking back, I see one of my friends at one of the booths and I had to stop to talk to them. That filled my time so I didn't have to go back and listen to the jazz. It was nice seeing him as well.

In the hot sun, I watch a white guy, a cute white guy at that, set up for the next gig. I knew it had something to do with techno because he was setting up his Apple computer and a record table. He was a DJ. Unaware that he was a DJ for a rap band, I assumed he just played techno music and was going to (hopefully) play Deadmau5. My dreams are shattered when this black guy with an eyebrow piercing and an industrial walked up on stage and they started setting up together. I looked towards the Turks Head Music Festival sign and saw that they were called Kuf Knotz.

Kuf Knotz went on fifteen minutes later after technical difficulties. The white DJ introduces himself as DJ Golden Spiral, Kuf Knotz introduces himself and the other singer introduces himself as Dave Vegas. They were really good and I couldn't help but dance and sway to the music. I am surprised because I usually don't like hiphop, but their voices were amazing. After their set, I buy Dave Vegas's CD, chat with the band and get a picture with them.

I leave in the middle of Junk Rock's performance, which was basically them banging on trashcans and other silly antics. They were pretty good, though, I was just hot and needed to go into an air conditioned space.


  1. Reads okay, just two minor issues 1. I think "trekk" should be "trek" (no spelling variants as far as I'm aware); and 2. there's a space missing in "that I could buy.Sadly, nothing piqued my interest". Other than that, it seems fine to me. :)

    1. Cool. :) I was typing in Notepad, so there's no grammar and spelling checks. Thanks for pointing out the spacing issue!

      I had a blast! I am going back next year.

    2. Ha ha, yes, Notepad is like that. :) Whenever I write somehting in Notepad I copy it to Word to help in error-correcting.