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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tea at the Lincoln Room

I love the Lincoln Room. This week was customer appreciation week and I was given a coupon. They also celebrated my birthday. ^_^


  1. Hey, that looks fun! Congratulations! :)

    1. I've been going there since 2009. I am going to write about it. :)

  2. I am waiting to see what happens tomorrow at the interview I have suddenly set up before I consider whether I want to try and take advantage of TLR's customer appreciation week.

    See, last week mother and I were taking a look at the new GIANT food store which had replaced her favourite grocery store right past her church and I noticed there was in the limen a computer saying "APPLY HERE".

    I told her I doubted anyone would be interested in me since I'm so focused on the University, but she returned with a recommendation to even just give it a try so I would stop bugging her about the M question and could contribute to the economy better.

    I got a phone call on Friday to interview on Monday.
    Potentially I am going to be employed for monetary gain after our vacation to Boston/Harvard in August!
    I looked at the Harvard graduate school application guidelines and they didn't seem IMPOSSIBLE. And after all Cong and Audrey and Anastasia are Cambridge University students and they are three friends of mine! (Cong and Anastasia more and Audrey is my omgbestfriendRachel's girlfriend)

    IF SO I am going back up to 7-days-a-week delivery of the NYT in gratitude for the kind service they've given me and visiting the Lincoln Room Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday since they're honestly nice people and I drink tea daily privately or no.

    IF NOT I am leaving my NYT at the weekender level, and potentially during the semester giving up and agreeing for the Monday-Friday stuff so I can realistically afford it, then only visiting TLR Thursday.

    Every time I visit the Lincoln Room they have music playing I recognise as a Baroque musician.

    Annah (Rey's wife - my last boyfriend's spouse) told me my voice is very unique and I convey it well via text! Hmm...