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Monday, July 2, 2012

Spring Lake

It's a steamy day -- 95 degrees to be exact -- sun shining in the cloudless crystal blue sky in Spring Lake, New Jersey. Taylor parks his Chevy Impala and we grab the boogie boards, chairs, umbrella and beach things and throw them into a duffle bag. Taylor does all the carrying. I carry my few things and feel guilty that Taylor is carrying the majority, but the debacle of carrying the boogie boards with my small hands turned into a disaster.

We finally make it to the beach, a short walk of two blocks felt like an eternity in the hot sun. "I'm hot. I can't wait to get into the ocean," Taylor said as he put down our things to get the beach tags that were $9 each; not at all expensive considering how nice of a beach it was. The beach stretched for miles and miles and rocky barges littered corners of the ocean. The beach didn't seem crowded at all given the length and depth. We are handed the tags and make our way down the steps onto the hot white sand.

Taylor asks me where I want to sit. I survey the landscape again and point out a spot near the ocean and in perfect view shot. There were kids playing in front of us building sand castles, but they didn't interfere with the few pictures I take of the landscape. Taylor sets up the umbrella and chairs; I grab the boogie board and with my black Deadmau5 shirt, I run for the water (fortunately I had water shoes and could not feel the scorching hot sand!). The water shocks my toes, but it feels good at the same time. I slowly walk into the ocean as I let the water baptize me. I feel transformed as the water makes it to my belly. The waves take me under and cleanse my piercings as well as my soul. I am at ease as I trust the water around me. Mike can't hurt me and I'm safe; the water helps me remember as it hypnotizes me.

I ride the waves, I envision my 10 year old self doing. I am speeding down the waves to the nice shore of Cape May, the beach where my parents and I went every year until I was 12. I loved boogie boarding. My 22 year old self forgets, but attempts to learn again. I ride the waves, but not as fast as I remembered I could. I make it halfway between the water and shore, letting each wave take me closer to the beautiful shores of Spring Lake. I get tired after a half an hour; I go back to Taylor and relax for a little bit in the hot sun where we take some pictures.

"Let's go into the water," Taylor says after 10 minutes of sitting around. He took guard of our things when I went into the water to attempt boogie boarding.

"But, what about our things?" I ask with a concerned tone.

"They'll be okay. I'll look over too." Taylor reassures me. I shake my head, but before I go anywhere I check my phone. A number that I didn't have saved into my phone pops up and I panic for a little bit. Swooosh, the water makes, and I remember it is Patrick. He asks if I am okay as he apologizes for his phone being dead and missing my texts. I tell him of Mike, then put my phone back into the beach bag's pocket and run into the ocean with Taylor. We both have a boogie board.

The water is shocking to Taylor and I reassure him once he gets used to it, the water is nice. We both plunge under the waves with our boogie boards keeping us anchored in one place. I bob up to the surface and attempt to boogie board again. Watching Taylor ride the waves and riding like lightning to the shore, I get a little intimidated. I don't know why, I fret, that I can't make it that far. Is it my weight? I think horrid thoughts to myself.

Taylor swims back and begins showing me how to boogie board. I ride like lightning to the shore a few times, the one time I was so nervous because I was going to collide with a toddler building sandcastles on the edge of the water. Her parents laugh at me as I try to scoot over and then apologize for almost hitting their daughter. They reassure me not to worry about it. I couldn't believe how fast I was going, it was a thrill.

We take a few walks along the beach. On one walk, Pat texts me asking me for a picture of me in my bikini and I have Taylor get one. I am self conscious, but I am reassured that I am not bad looking. As Taylor and I walk, we watch children play and build sand castles. We begin to reminisce our childhoods. Taylor tells me about how he used to come to Spring Lake with his family each year and they would drive until the car was emptied of gas. He also recalls the different eating establishments and the fun they had coming home from a long day at the beach. It makes me long for Cape May; the strolls along the beach and the sunsets. Going to the shore point and digging up crystals with my grandfather. Those were the days. We make it to the end of the beach, our hair is windblown and we're dry, and we turn around to go back.

After eating a late lunch at the Pavilion, we go back to our makeshift campsite and relax for a little bit until Taylor says, "let's go in one more time since it'll be a while before we come back." I am tired, but I follow him. The waves are really rough and they are making their way up to our sitting place. I stay along the edge as the coldness eats me alive. Taylor plays around. We stay until it is almost sunset and we make our way back to Pennsylvania.


  1. Oh, hahaha, I must be paying too much attention to pop culture, I thought of like Taylor Swift, and had a gender confusion!!

    I disagree your hands are proportionally unusually tiny, having interacted with you IRL before! They may have been smaller than Taylor's, but you are an entirely different person.

    (I don't feel guilty when others around me carry so much more than I do, my weight capacity is small.)

    It seems like you enjoyed your holiday! ^_^
    I just loaded up on library books to make the time fly a bit faster on the day-long car trips we have planned later this month. @_@ I'm not the fondest of short stories, as you might remember from the summer English course, but these are recommended sci-fi tales by the NYT, so they might be good enough.

  2. Oh man, the beach was awesome. Tomorrow night I see a concert with mom. It's going to be the best birthday week ever! :)

    1. And you have around a century more of birthweeks to beat this experience :3

      /exhausted and needs to return to the Library later this week for the hundreds of books that didn't come in this morning u__u