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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shine Video

"While the tears roll down.'Cause it's the world I know," Ed Roland sings; the crowd goes wild. I am standing out in the aisle because people all around me are standing, taking pictures and dancing as Collective Soul ferociously play their instruments; I will admit that I am smitten for Dean Roland and love his guitar playing. My camera is fixated on him as I sneak up to the front to join the dancers.  "Keep clear of the aisles," I hear the security guard say. Panic devours me; what if he asks me for my ticket? I don't want to leave the front, I like dancing and the view is perfect for pictures. I duck into one of the seats, just in case. Thank God, the guard turns around and heads back to the nose bleed sections. I go back to the merry making and I ask the one guy I am near for a picture with the band in the background. He happily obliges. I have one more dance. "How was it up there?" I barely hear mom, but I answer as though I am whispering into her ear, "It was nice not taking videos to crop for awesome pictures." I think she laughs, but it is too dark and too loud to actually tell. Sipping my rum and coke, I feel tipsy. The bartender gave me too much rum, more than what I put into my version of rum and coke. I have to sit down. I continue drinking though, at $8 a glass, it is something one should finish. Music swirls around me and I am enlightened and tingly while listening. It's a new song, but I can't tell what it is--nonetheless, it grabs and shakes me. I could live this moment forever.  "Give me a word, give me a sign," Collective Soul comes back on stage amidst the cheers and chanting. We all applaud, happy that they are back for their encore. "I'm glad they're out, if they didn't come out that would have been arrogant on their part since they're trying to make a comeback," mom says. I agree; I didn't want the show to end, especially in the 25 minutes left until my birthday. When it gets to the part of the "yeah"s, we all sign that as Roland points his microphone toward us. I make my way up front again and get video because it is one of my favorite songs. Then the show ends--t-minus 15 minutes until my birthday. It is one of the best birthday gifts ever.

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