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Monday, July 23, 2012

October Still Life

What do you think? I think the next poem I write is going to be more of the camera aspect (I just forgot the book I read on photography at home).

October Still Life

Leaves gently float to the ground,
oranges, reds, yellows, the sound
of swoosh, swish, the wind cries.
Through the lens, the eye spies,
the swingset and children playing,
adults talking without saying--
Everhart comes alive with trees
and in this cool October breeze,
stand upon the bridge oh so quiet;
with the camera, put the tripod by it,
you look so lovely as you stand,
watching the leaves, hold by hand
the wooden rail, dream and wish,
down below orange coy fish splish.
In this October wind, hear the sounds
of leaves gently floating to the ground
and the eye that carefully captures
the beauty of fall in Everhart enraptures.

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