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Friday, July 6, 2012

My birthday

My birthday was wonderful. As you all know, I went to Philadelphia. I first went to Elfreth's Alley. I arrived there at around 11 and it was about 95 degrees. I missed the one tour when I first got there; I waited in the house and talked to the cashier and the one who gave me the tour later on. She was a descendant of the Elfreths; it was interesting talking to her about her stint in Virginia during the storms and how they lost electricity for a few days. The cashier had a pamphlet for the Renaissance Faire; she passed it to the tour guide and the tour guide passed it to me. We all ooohhed and aaahhhed and it made me long to be able to go. Then the other tour guide came in, it was now time to begin my tour.

The tour was really hot since the building wasn't air conditioned (the tour lasted about 10-15 minutes). One of the graduate school had students make period dresses for the tour and they were so pretty. I wished I could wear one, but even if I could it would have been too hot. My favorite part of the tour was the kitchen because I always love Colonial kitchens and seeing all the different tools they used. That was the last point in our tour.

From 2nd Street I took the ell to 15th Street to have lunch at Con Murphy's. I ate there in May 2011, loved their food and wanted to go back and celebrate my birthday there. I told my waitress it was my birthday and the people next to me paid for my meal. I thanked them up and down and wished them a happy 4th of July. Oh, I also had a Beachcomber which was Malibu rum, pineapple juice and Chambord and a chicken salad wrap. Of course it was delicious.

After lunch I traveled to 5th Street to go to Independence Hall and the Philosophical Society. Sadly, the Society was closed and for Independence Hall the line was huge. I ended up watching a man dressed in period garb recite the Declaration of Independence and the choirs sing patriotic songs. I did end up in the Constitution Center and saw the reenactors, talked with them and took some pictures with them. As I sat to rest, I asked a girl resting if she knew if any super markets were around since I wanted to buy cupcakes to take to Christine's. That was an interesting walk -- on my trek there (it was 4 blocks), I asked this older black woman if I was going in the right direction. We got talking and I mentioned it was my birthday and she gave me a huge hug. It was nice. :)

I arrived at Christine's around 5:30. We jump into the pool while her dad grills. We swim for about a half an hour, then we eat. Her dad surprises us with two beers, so we cheer and eat hot dogs and hamburgers. After dinner we have cupcakes and I put a candle in one; they sing happy birthday and it's just a cheerful mood. :) After that, we got changed and waited for Christine's friend to call to hang out later.

Christine's friend picked us up around 9pm along with his friend who Christine never met. He was cute (and later we snuggled, now I'm confused about Patrick). It took about 15 minutes to get there and once we got there, we watched fireworks and went swimming. We all hung out until 3am -- we went to a diner for early breakfast at 11:30pm where a rude waitress waited on us and mixed up my order. He ended up giving me two drinks. After we had breakfast, we went to a river just to hang out. We then went back to the friend's house (the one Christine knew) and watched a movie. It was an awesome 23rd birthday.


  1. I'm glad you had such a nice time! ^_^

    I just got several comments published by the NYT - all about happiness despite stress, iirc.

    1. Yeah. ^_^ Good week.

      Now, I'm worried about nan.

  2. I'm very pleased you had a great birthday. With this and your party from the other day, it almost seems like you celebrated your birthday twice! :D

    1. I guess I did. ^_^

      I'm not so confused anymore about Pat, his actions speak for him.