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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Football Poems

Why I like Tim Tebow...

I often get a lot of flak,

for being a fan of Tim Tebow.

"You think he's cute," they yack,

it doesn't help my case,

but there's more than infatuation--

it's his dedication, that alone is base,

to his love of football,

but not only that- oh no,

his travels come before early fall,

to Asia, to help and spread the word

of Christ, he will never break down,

often he, for his beliefs, is spurred.

Humble, but not pompous,

and he plays a good game too.

Winning, though sometimes a tough compass,

at last moment they break through,

late January the Steel Curtain is broken,

times that are ever so few.

A tinge of happiness and smug,

I smile for them, although I like Steelers...

wishing I could give the Broncos a hug.


Number eight, number eight,

is this list our dreadful fate?

The bright sun rises over the bay,

the fish, below, hide for the day--

glitter glimmers off the crystal water;

don't forget to help out your brother.

Running for miles down field,

hydrate, hydrate, hydrate,

as for the football you wait--

purple and black,

the sun is on attack.

Wipe the sweat from your face

and only the sweet salt you taste

until the stike of noon,

what a year ahead for you.

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