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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Everhart Park/ An Ode to Turks Head Music Festival

What do you think?

Everhart Park

Run, run, run

out of the sun,

where is it you go hide?

Life you brush aside,

for a short while

run that golden mile;

With your feet, beat the air,

let the wind ruffle your hair.

Hide under the shaded trees,

Daydreaming in the fresh breeze--

escape life in artistic style

at Everhart Park once in a while.


An Ode to Turks Head Music Festival

Let the music ring out

as the people sing and shout;

let us sit out in the hot sun

and the children run, run, run.

Look all around you,

beautiful trees, water so blue,

shaded paths, the leaves sway

to the melody and guitar playing.

Let the music capture you,

rock you as you shop around too.

Your spirit, find something eclectic,

you know finding something is hectic.

Something comes over you-- jump and dance,

don't feel embarrassed, take the chance

as Kuf Knotz and Barakka play,

rap and rock, the festival's dossier.

We love the indie bands,

put up your hands,

purchase the albums and CDs,

show your support, this is key,

get the word out,

continue to sing and shout.


  1. The link in your message was bad so I went to all you wrote in July and got here that way.

    What kind of pattern were you following? It seems to me like an AABBCCDD kind of thing.

    It seems you enjoyed the Everhart Park.

    1. Everhart Park is amazing. It's beautiful and relaxing. The playground is also fun (this girl right here loves swinging, so any place with a good swingset that all age groups can use is good in my book). I was thinking of having a picnic there some time.