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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Everhart Photography 7-31

I like the gazebo pictures today. Which one should I frame?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Everhart Photography 7-30

This would have been perfect except for the trash can. Another one tomorrow!

I really like this one. What do you think?

Maybe I'll frame this one for my mom for Christmas. One of the bridge from two weeks ago for my godmother and then a fall one for my favorite aunt. :) I think that should be a nice gift for Christmas.

Happy Cheesecake Day!

What is the 23rd of July,

gather to the Cheesecake Factory

come and see what today holds,

and what flavors will be sold.

Today is the one and only day

where Cheesecake is royalty all the way;

whether it be blueberry or plain,

or whatever the flavor, never feign--

pig out and you will not regret,

the stomachache that you might get.

So enjoy this 23rd of July,

we all love cheesecake, that's why.

NPR on National Cheesecake Day

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hopefully meeting the Packers

Dad and I called Larry, so when I go out there I have to give him a call so he can call his brother in law. I'm shaking and so excited.


Brewers shirt I made

Friday, July 27, 2012

2 weeks!

  • Jordy Nelson jersey ordered (check)
  • Tailgating ticket (check)
  • Game ticket (check)
  • Cheesehead (check)
  • Green eye shadow (check)
  • Green eye glitter (getting tomorrow)
It seems like all the game plans and preparations are in order, but now I'm debating something. As you can see in the picture above, I am debating whether or not I should do that. Wisconsin has been experiencing hot weather (much like PA) and I don't want the paint to melt. Also, since I am going to be alone, I might have trouble painting. Instead I might do like I do last year: write GO PACK GO on my face with gold body glitter (hopefully it doesn't clash with the green eye glitter, but then again WHO CARES IT'S PACKERS COLOURS). I have the hat in green shown above, so I might wear that with my cheesehead. But, then again it might be too hot.  Maybe it'll just be my cheesehead.

I'm so excited! ^_^

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's here!

And two and a half weeks to go! YAY! ^_^

And this is a chart of where I'll be sitting (outlined in black).

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Football Poems

Why I like Tim Tebow...

I often get a lot of flak,

for being a fan of Tim Tebow.

"You think he's cute," they yack,

it doesn't help my case,

but there's more than infatuation--

it's his dedication, that alone is base,

to his love of football,

but not only that- oh no,

his travels come before early fall,

to Asia, to help and spread the word

of Christ, he will never break down,

often he, for his beliefs, is spurred.

Humble, but not pompous,

and he plays a good game too.

Winning, though sometimes a tough compass,

at last moment they break through,

late January the Steel Curtain is broken,

times that are ever so few.

A tinge of happiness and smug,

I smile for them, although I like Steelers...

wishing I could give the Broncos a hug.


Number eight, number eight,

is this list our dreadful fate?

The bright sun rises over the bay,

the fish, below, hide for the day--

glitter glimmers off the crystal water;

don't forget to help out your brother.

Running for miles down field,

hydrate, hydrate, hydrate,

as for the football you wait--

purple and black,

the sun is on attack.

Wipe the sweat from your face

and only the sweet salt you taste

until the stike of noon,

what a year ahead for you.

Monday, July 23, 2012

October Still Life

What do you think? I think the next poem I write is going to be more of the camera aspect (I just forgot the book I read on photography at home).

October Still Life

Leaves gently float to the ground,
oranges, reds, yellows, the sound
of swoosh, swish, the wind cries.
Through the lens, the eye spies,
the swingset and children playing,
adults talking without saying--
Everhart comes alive with trees
and in this cool October breeze,
stand upon the bridge oh so quiet;
with the camera, put the tripod by it,
you look so lovely as you stand,
watching the leaves, hold by hand
the wooden rail, dream and wish,
down below orange coy fish splish.
In this October wind, hear the sounds
of leaves gently floating to the ground
and the eye that carefully captures
the beauty of fall in Everhart enraptures.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012


It's bloody 6am;
most are groggy and asleep--
the sun rises over the evergreens,
leaves dance on the wind.
The driver's cheerful disposition;
the clouds float by on blue--
"Good morning," that's how it starts;
he's awake for a bloody 6:45am--
his skin, like coffee, wanting more
and his hair, salt and pepper,
he takes my breath away;
draped in Flyers jerseys,
the black, orange and white
bring out the amber of his eyes.
We laugh talking about beer and liquor,
Turks Head makes him come alive
as well as Wisconsin and the Packers.

It's bloody 6:14am;
the times they are a changing,
more are awake, but disgruntled--
the clouds gather over evergreen,
the sun has already awoken.
Yet, he's gone,
another route;
the tears well in my eyes--
no more lust, conversations
about Wisconsin, sports and music.
And the beloved driver has gone too.
I couldn't even say goodbye;
as the driver looked,
I escaped for two days--
infirmed in bed, with flu,
but at least to my other beloved--
I never want to say goodbye.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Everhart Photography

As you have noticed in the past few days my poetry and writing has been about Everhart Park. Today I survived the 107 degree weather and took some pictures to show the beautiful aspects. I'll post two, then send you the link to the Facebook album (it's the whole summer). Enjoy!

What do you think?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm famous!

I'm famous! Two of my photos from my camera and one I took with another camera made this band's Facebook. See! The picture squared in red is mine. :D

Everhart Park/ An Ode to Turks Head Music Festival

What do you think?

Everhart Park

Run, run, run

out of the sun,

where is it you go hide?

Life you brush aside,

for a short while

run that golden mile;

With your feet, beat the air,

let the wind ruffle your hair.

Hide under the shaded trees,

Daydreaming in the fresh breeze--

escape life in artistic style

at Everhart Park once in a while.


An Ode to Turks Head Music Festival

Let the music ring out

as the people sing and shout;

let us sit out in the hot sun

and the children run, run, run.

Look all around you,

beautiful trees, water so blue,

shaded paths, the leaves sway

to the melody and guitar playing.

Let the music capture you,

rock you as you shop around too.

Your spirit, find something eclectic,

you know finding something is hectic.

Something comes over you-- jump and dance,

don't feel embarrassed, take the chance

as Kuf Knotz and Barakka play,

rap and rock, the festival's dossier.

We love the indie bands,

put up your hands,

purchase the albums and CDs,

show your support, this is key,

get the word out,

continue to sing and shout.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Turks Head Music Festival

30th Annual Turks Head Music Festival

It feels weird being in West Chester on a Sunday; usually I stroll the town Monday-Friday while I am here for work and school (and when my bus, Septa 92, runs; they don't run Sundays). It's a nice change, however. When I step off bus #104, the transportation center is empty, but it quickly changes when I step out into the hot and humid sunshine and people hustle and bustle around Gay and Market streets. I stop at Starbucks first: I was not sure if the festival will have drinks and if they do, I had a feeling the prices would be exorbitant. Besides, the little walking I did I felt some of the sweat roll down my back, I needed some time to cool down before beginning my trekk again.

"Where is Everhart Park," I meekly ask the barista. In my four years since attending West Chester University, I never adventured past the Mad Platter on Gay Street. I was excited to finally see this infamous Everhart Park that people gloated about a lot.

"You'll have to go down a block and keep west." It is vague, but I remembered from the directions I printed, but forgot, that I was to look for West Miner Street and keep left until I reached South Brandywine Street.

"Thank you."

I head out the door and make my way towards Miner Street. I know where that is as I walk past it everyday on my walks, but something comes over me when I doubt that maybe that is the wrong way. I head back to Market Street to ask people for directions, but they were just as clueless and were of no help. Finally I decide that maybe the street I passed everyday was the correct one; I made my way towards that. A couple passing by me confirmed my directions were correct.

The walk along West Miner Street seemed to take forever, but it was a nice little walk despite the humidty that frizzed my hair. An elderly gentleman cleaning his sidewalk saw me coming and waves, so I ask him if this is the direction to the park. "Yes, you're two blocks away, keep straight and you'll hear the music." Sure enough as I was one block away, I heard the ferocity and loudness of guitars and drums.

In the distance I hear the chanting of the Turkish band singing in their native tongue as I walk along the shaded path to see what the venders had to offer. I was hoping to find some ecclectic and almost bohemian clothes that I could buy.Sadly, nothing piqued my interest and I went back to see the Turkish band that called themselves Barakka. Sitting in full sun, I stand mesmorized partly by the Turkish and snaring drums and the humming of the guitars. The lead singer is also good looking. I don't want their playing to stop, but sadly it ended. Luckily, the lead singer posed for a picture with me and that made my day.

Jazz, I never liked jazz. The Rob Swanson Project was the next band to perform. I saw that as my opportunity to get lunch. The price for food, like I thought, was exorbitant. The crab cake sandwich I bought was $7 and the lemonade was $3. Walking back, I see one of my friends at one of the booths and I had to stop to talk to them. That filled my time so I didn't have to go back and listen to the jazz. It was nice seeing him as well.

In the hot sun, I watch a white guy, a cute white guy at that, set up for the next gig. I knew it had something to do with techno because he was setting up his Apple computer and a record table. He was a DJ. Unaware that he was a DJ for a rap band, I assumed he just played techno music and was going to (hopefully) play Deadmau5. My dreams are shattered when this black guy with an eyebrow piercing and an industrial walked up on stage and they started setting up together. I looked towards the Turks Head Music Festival sign and saw that they were called Kuf Knotz.

Kuf Knotz went on fifteen minutes later after technical difficulties. The white DJ introduces himself as DJ Golden Spiral, Kuf Knotz introduces himself and the other singer introduces himself as Dave Vegas. They were really good and I couldn't help but dance and sway to the music. I am surprised because I usually don't like hiphop, but their voices were amazing. After their set, I buy Dave Vegas's CD, chat with the band and get a picture with them.

I leave in the middle of Junk Rock's performance, which was basically them banging on trashcans and other silly antics. They were pretty good, though, I was just hot and needed to go into an air conditioned space.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Creative Writing teacher?

Yesterday at work I saw my old 8th grade literature teacher. We were talking and asked me if sometime I would like to come in and show her students how to write creatively. I said, "absolutely!" I'm thinking of designing a class based on this slide show I made for my powerpoint class.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Which one do you like best? I’m thinking #2.


Sometimes you drive me crazy,

when you don't answer texts.

Sometimes I wonder if you're lazy--

sometimes you make me so mad,

but at the end of the day;

when all is said about good and bad,

your face and smile are worth it--

and all resentments fade;

and the depression that sits.

Prowling with sweat, I seek,

but the fear in me rises

as my personality is meek--

you don't seem to mind though,

helping me out, ringing me up.

When you call me, all woe

hits like a wave subsiding to shore,

you listen with patience and kindness--

the words that fall, don't seem a chore.

And that is why I like you,

I have never felt this way,

especially in the crazy things I do.



Sometimes I'm crazy,

on the prowl,

hungry like the wolf.

I seek you out,

my eyes blur the crowds.

Your face and smile,

light up the room--

it's all the worthwhile,

trekking miles in the heat,

just to see you.

But, sometimes you drive me crazy.

when you don't answer texts.

Sometimes I wonder if you're lazy--

sometimes you make me so mad,

but at the end of the day;

when all is said about good and bad,

that smile you gave me is worth it--

and all resentments fade;

and the depression that sits.

When you call me, all woe

hits like a wave subsiding to shore,

you listen with patience and kindness--

the words that fall, don't seem a chore.

And that is why I like you,

I have never felt this way,

especially in the crazy things I do.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shine Video

"While the tears roll down.'Cause it's the world I know," Ed Roland sings; the crowd goes wild. I am standing out in the aisle because people all around me are standing, taking pictures and dancing as Collective Soul ferociously play their instruments; I will admit that I am smitten for Dean Roland and love his guitar playing. My camera is fixated on him as I sneak up to the front to join the dancers.  "Keep clear of the aisles," I hear the security guard say. Panic devours me; what if he asks me for my ticket? I don't want to leave the front, I like dancing and the view is perfect for pictures. I duck into one of the seats, just in case. Thank God, the guard turns around and heads back to the nose bleed sections. I go back to the merry making and I ask the one guy I am near for a picture with the band in the background. He happily obliges. I have one more dance. "How was it up there?" I barely hear mom, but I answer as though I am whispering into her ear, "It was nice not taking videos to crop for awesome pictures." I think she laughs, but it is too dark and too loud to actually tell. Sipping my rum and coke, I feel tipsy. The bartender gave me too much rum, more than what I put into my version of rum and coke. I have to sit down. I continue drinking though, at $8 a glass, it is something one should finish. Music swirls around me and I am enlightened and tingly while listening. It's a new song, but I can't tell what it is--nonetheless, it grabs and shakes me. I could live this moment forever.  "Give me a word, give me a sign," Collective Soul comes back on stage amidst the cheers and chanting. We all applaud, happy that they are back for their encore. "I'm glad they're out, if they didn't come out that would have been arrogant on their part since they're trying to make a comeback," mom says. I agree; I didn't want the show to end, especially in the 25 minutes left until my birthday. When it gets to the part of the "yeah"s, we all sign that as Roland points his microphone toward us. I make my way up front again and get video because it is one of my favorite songs. Then the show ends--t-minus 15 minutes until my birthday. It is one of the best birthday gifts ever.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Whimsical Poem

The world comes alive,
Spinning round and round--
take a chance,
lose it all or win it all,
what do you have to lose?

Your drink begins to swirl,
magic love potion;
hold on to the walls--
colourful, whimsical,
don't be fooled.

Not done, I don’t think. I’m trying to capture when I was in the casino tipsy from a drink I had and what it felt like.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Collective Soul

On July 3, I went to Harrah's casino to see Collective Soul. It was such a great evening with mom. When we arrived to the casino, we ate at a place called Barley Q's. I had a pulled chicken sandwich with tots and collard greens. I also had a Jack and coke. To die for and I definitely recommend it. :) After dinner, we went to get our tickets and found out we had another hour; we play in the casino since I had a free $20 since I was a new member and mom wanted to play. I played the $20 and should have cashed out when I had $22 because I lost it quickly from there. Oh well, that's why they say it's a gamble! The show started at 9pm and it was just so amazing. I'm going to write a poem.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Andrew's 10 Questions

1. Websites, blogs and social media can skew our lives and make us look hyper-focused on one aspect of your life. What are some interests/hobbies/etc. that you have that you think your readers/friends might not know about?
I love to travel. I would love to focus my life on travel writing as well as poetry. I was hesitant at first to post my personal life on my blogs, but now I'm starting to realize that it's okay. I love getting feedback on everything by different people. I also love meeting new people, especially in person.

2. What have blogs/the Internet introduced you to that you never knew about before?
I like what Andrew has to say, "I have spent my entire life in the United States and the United Kingdom, and have barely ventured beyond those two countries; as such, I have not really experienced what people are like in other places. However, from interacting with different people on the Internet I have learnt that people are similar the world over: the average American wants to live the best life possible, as does the average Brazilian and the average Chinese person (while I would have preferred to have met these people in person, at least I have some insight into them). Labeling people you have never met as "enemies" serves no good purpose whatsoever." However, I have been to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but a glimpse into a week of their lives is not enough; blogging helps me learn more about the culture and the people.

3. What are your top 10 most visited websites?
Facebook, Blogger, Google,, my school's website, and various news sites.

4. What is your favorite/most bizarre/interesting fact about something in history?
Women spies of the Civil War. I remember when I was doing my senior grad project for high school, it was always fun to read about their escapades, adventures and living on the edge to conceal their identities as women.

5. If you could wake up tomorrow and have acquired a new skill in your sleep, what would it be and why?
Hmmm, good question. Maybe the skill of easily making friends, I am currently struggling in that department. And maybe also the fear of not driving, but then again I'd still take the bus to most places.

6. If you could spend 1 year in a different time period, which would you choose and why?
The United States in 1861, for no other reason than to experience living under one of my favorite US wars; The Civil War.

7. What are your Internet pet-peeves?
Harassment issues aside, I would say my biggest annoyances on the Internet are when some people post uninformed comments on news articles, post off-topic trolling comments to light-hearted pieces, or "debate" by insulting other people rather than coming up with a reasonable argument to support their view(s).

8.  What is your newest hobby/interest? Tell us a little about it.
Definitely traveling. I have been feeling the urge to get away from where I live and venture out to meet new people and see new things.

9. If you could invite 3 deceased people to dinner who would it be and what would you talk to them about?
William Tecumseh Sherman to ask him how he felt about his tactics during the Civil War, Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley just to get to know them.

10. If you had to play a character in a movie, who would you play and why?
Hmmm, as I'm not a movie person, this is a little difficult. I would say I'd like to play Johnny Depp's character in the Secret Window. Although he turned out to be crazy, he was a good writer and could easily think up characters. As a writer, that's important to me.

Friday, July 6, 2012

My birthday

My birthday was wonderful. As you all know, I went to Philadelphia. I first went to Elfreth's Alley. I arrived there at around 11 and it was about 95 degrees. I missed the one tour when I first got there; I waited in the house and talked to the cashier and the one who gave me the tour later on. She was a descendant of the Elfreths; it was interesting talking to her about her stint in Virginia during the storms and how they lost electricity for a few days. The cashier had a pamphlet for the Renaissance Faire; she passed it to the tour guide and the tour guide passed it to me. We all ooohhed and aaahhhed and it made me long to be able to go. Then the other tour guide came in, it was now time to begin my tour.

The tour was really hot since the building wasn't air conditioned (the tour lasted about 10-15 minutes). One of the graduate school had students make period dresses for the tour and they were so pretty. I wished I could wear one, but even if I could it would have been too hot. My favorite part of the tour was the kitchen because I always love Colonial kitchens and seeing all the different tools they used. That was the last point in our tour.

From 2nd Street I took the ell to 15th Street to have lunch at Con Murphy's. I ate there in May 2011, loved their food and wanted to go back and celebrate my birthday there. I told my waitress it was my birthday and the people next to me paid for my meal. I thanked them up and down and wished them a happy 4th of July. Oh, I also had a Beachcomber which was Malibu rum, pineapple juice and Chambord and a chicken salad wrap. Of course it was delicious.

After lunch I traveled to 5th Street to go to Independence Hall and the Philosophical Society. Sadly, the Society was closed and for Independence Hall the line was huge. I ended up watching a man dressed in period garb recite the Declaration of Independence and the choirs sing patriotic songs. I did end up in the Constitution Center and saw the reenactors, talked with them and took some pictures with them. As I sat to rest, I asked a girl resting if she knew if any super markets were around since I wanted to buy cupcakes to take to Christine's. That was an interesting walk -- on my trek there (it was 4 blocks), I asked this older black woman if I was going in the right direction. We got talking and I mentioned it was my birthday and she gave me a huge hug. It was nice. :)

I arrived at Christine's around 5:30. We jump into the pool while her dad grills. We swim for about a half an hour, then we eat. Her dad surprises us with two beers, so we cheer and eat hot dogs and hamburgers. After dinner we have cupcakes and I put a candle in one; they sing happy birthday and it's just a cheerful mood. :) After that, we got changed and waited for Christine's friend to call to hang out later.

Christine's friend picked us up around 9pm along with his friend who Christine never met. He was cute (and later we snuggled, now I'm confused about Patrick). It took about 15 minutes to get there and once we got there, we watched fireworks and went swimming. We all hung out until 3am -- we went to a diner for early breakfast at 11:30pm where a rude waitress waited on us and mixed up my order. He ended up giving me two drinks. After we had breakfast, we went to a river just to hang out. We then went back to the friend's house (the one Christine knew) and watched a movie. It was an awesome 23rd birthday.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Trying my luck on the eve of my birthday

Trying my luck on the eve of my birthday.

Story ideas for next piece

Idea for next story:


Blonde haired boy


Blue Eyes



Amber haired girl


Light brown eyes


Heavier set

Professional writer/ freelance photographer

Story Plot:

Homeless, lost family in unknown circumstances until he admits he committed fraud and was kicked out -- he admits this to the girl who takes him in. Before he lives with this girl, he is living on the streets, cold, hungry, dirty. Start story when he meets this girl, or perhaps when he is walking the streets going from store to store and meets this girl.

Later on in the story: girl finds out that boy has been stealing from stores to buy her gifts. She kicks him out because she doesn't like his character. Boy reacts badly and stalks girl when he is taken in by some man.

Ending: the girl is in the hospital from being beaten. She is filing a restraining order; the police are with her in the hospital room. Boy is back on the streets after man kicks him out or perhaps he is living a comfortable life with this man and all his dreams are coming true, except for getting the girl <-- go with this one.

Possible names:










Milwaukee, WI



Monday, July 2, 2012

Spring Lake

It's a steamy day -- 95 degrees to be exact -- sun shining in the cloudless crystal blue sky in Spring Lake, New Jersey. Taylor parks his Chevy Impala and we grab the boogie boards, chairs, umbrella and beach things and throw them into a duffle bag. Taylor does all the carrying. I carry my few things and feel guilty that Taylor is carrying the majority, but the debacle of carrying the boogie boards with my small hands turned into a disaster.

We finally make it to the beach, a short walk of two blocks felt like an eternity in the hot sun. "I'm hot. I can't wait to get into the ocean," Taylor said as he put down our things to get the beach tags that were $9 each; not at all expensive considering how nice of a beach it was. The beach stretched for miles and miles and rocky barges littered corners of the ocean. The beach didn't seem crowded at all given the length and depth. We are handed the tags and make our way down the steps onto the hot white sand.

Taylor asks me where I want to sit. I survey the landscape again and point out a spot near the ocean and in perfect view shot. There were kids playing in front of us building sand castles, but they didn't interfere with the few pictures I take of the landscape. Taylor sets up the umbrella and chairs; I grab the boogie board and with my black Deadmau5 shirt, I run for the water (fortunately I had water shoes and could not feel the scorching hot sand!). The water shocks my toes, but it feels good at the same time. I slowly walk into the ocean as I let the water baptize me. I feel transformed as the water makes it to my belly. The waves take me under and cleanse my piercings as well as my soul. I am at ease as I trust the water around me. Mike can't hurt me and I'm safe; the water helps me remember as it hypnotizes me.

I ride the waves, I envision my 10 year old self doing. I am speeding down the waves to the nice shore of Cape May, the beach where my parents and I went every year until I was 12. I loved boogie boarding. My 22 year old self forgets, but attempts to learn again. I ride the waves, but not as fast as I remembered I could. I make it halfway between the water and shore, letting each wave take me closer to the beautiful shores of Spring Lake. I get tired after a half an hour; I go back to Taylor and relax for a little bit in the hot sun where we take some pictures.

"Let's go into the water," Taylor says after 10 minutes of sitting around. He took guard of our things when I went into the water to attempt boogie boarding.

"But, what about our things?" I ask with a concerned tone.

"They'll be okay. I'll look over too." Taylor reassures me. I shake my head, but before I go anywhere I check my phone. A number that I didn't have saved into my phone pops up and I panic for a little bit. Swooosh, the water makes, and I remember it is Patrick. He asks if I am okay as he apologizes for his phone being dead and missing my texts. I tell him of Mike, then put my phone back into the beach bag's pocket and run into the ocean with Taylor. We both have a boogie board.

The water is shocking to Taylor and I reassure him once he gets used to it, the water is nice. We both plunge under the waves with our boogie boards keeping us anchored in one place. I bob up to the surface and attempt to boogie board again. Watching Taylor ride the waves and riding like lightning to the shore, I get a little intimidated. I don't know why, I fret, that I can't make it that far. Is it my weight? I think horrid thoughts to myself.

Taylor swims back and begins showing me how to boogie board. I ride like lightning to the shore a few times, the one time I was so nervous because I was going to collide with a toddler building sandcastles on the edge of the water. Her parents laugh at me as I try to scoot over and then apologize for almost hitting their daughter. They reassure me not to worry about it. I couldn't believe how fast I was going, it was a thrill.

We take a few walks along the beach. On one walk, Pat texts me asking me for a picture of me in my bikini and I have Taylor get one. I am self conscious, but I am reassured that I am not bad looking. As Taylor and I walk, we watch children play and build sand castles. We begin to reminisce our childhoods. Taylor tells me about how he used to come to Spring Lake with his family each year and they would drive until the car was emptied of gas. He also recalls the different eating establishments and the fun they had coming home from a long day at the beach. It makes me long for Cape May; the strolls along the beach and the sunsets. Going to the shore point and digging up crystals with my grandfather. Those were the days. We make it to the end of the beach, our hair is windblown and we're dry, and we turn around to go back.

After eating a late lunch at the Pavilion, we go back to our makeshift campsite and relax for a little bit until Taylor says, "let's go in one more time since it'll be a while before we come back." I am tired, but I follow him. The waves are really rough and they are making their way up to our sitting place. I stay along the edge as the coldness eats me alive. Taylor plays around. We stay until it is almost sunset and we make our way back to Pennsylvania.