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Friday, June 29, 2012

Spring Lake, NJ

This is where Taylor and I are going tomorrow if we don't get lost. It's a nice little town according to Google:,_New_Jersey

I'm so excited. ^_^ I'll be posting pictures. 


  1. *grammatical twitch* Reread that first sentence! You wrote "This is where Taylor and me are going..."
    You told me you were an English major. T__T
    Does that flow well off your tongue? Is your mind totally okay with the noun/verb agreement?

    You have several fluency options here: "This is where Taylor and I are going..."
    "Taylor and I are going to this place tomorrow, if we don't get lost."
    "This is where my party is going tomorrow. Taylor and I plan to enjoy this nice little town, if Google doesn't lie."
    "Here is where I plan to go with Taylor tomorrow." et cetera, ad infinitum.

    Or you can just leave it be, since your individual voice is not an especially erudite one.
    *brews repair tea*

    Latin has both made me into a happier scholar and a far less tolerant one. u_u;;;

    1. I think "I" sounds better too, but people told me, "it's ME, ME, ME!" So, I go back and forth.

    2. What people told you that was right?

      They were wrong - at least in the form of English I speak, I don't know.

    3. To be precise grammatically: I is always used as the nominative form/the subject, me is the accusative form/the object. So Taylor and I went to Spring Lake, but what happened to Taylor and me is a different story. (Technically that latter example would be in the ablative if we were thinking Latin and the dative in Greek but I digress!)

  2. Looks like fun, hope you'll have/have had a good time. :)

    As for your original wording, I have also always thought that "(name) and I" sounds better, especially when it's then read aloud. However, I have also been told that "(name) and me" is correct...despite it sounding worse!