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Friday, June 1, 2012

More Milwaukee Planning

I have been doing more Milwaukee planning. I see that out of state residents can get a one-day fishing stamp for $10 and I'm thinking about doing so. I've always wanted to fish and I figure this would be a good time to try it. Is a stamp for a license though (would that be a separate fee) or would I be safe with just a stamp? Avid fishers, please help!

I've also been looking at the transit system. It's like the system here and it makes me happy. I just have to call them and see where I pick up the line that goes to Kenosha. There is a Civil War museum I want to see that is in Kenosha. The bus also stops in Fond du Lac and I'm still planning what to do there and wonder if I'll have the time. When I get my hotel, I will have to call them about the time I can check in. If it's early, I might just take the bus that day to Lake Winnebago that way when I get back to Milwaukee after five days of being in Green Bay, I can go to Kenosha, see the Brewers game and do whatever else.

Ahh, don't you love my plannings? Haha.

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