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Monday, June 4, 2012

More Juneteenth

I decided to name my story "Juneteenth." This is the last teaser, I'll post the link when it's done. It was such a slow day at work, that I got to work on a little bit of it (not much, I will admit, I was feeling lazy today... hormone replacement therapy sucks, but thank goodness it's once every three months).

He froze. He was in his underwear and in his embarrassment, he couldn't move, he couldn't throw the ball and the crowd began pointing and laughing--

Ben woke up in sweat, he was disoriented for a moment; he looked over at the clock: 8am, it was time to get dressed and meet the other recruits for breakfast.
His hair, a dirty blonde, was slicked and pulled back in a black hair tie. Wearing his favorite Packers shirt; yellow with GREEN BAY PACKERS written horizontal green block letters and 1921 in vertical white cursive letters. A football with a runner was below the green block letters. Black cargo shorts were worn; he assumed this outfit would be okay for breakfast and it was nice and cool before he had to change into the hot, heavy uniform.

"Firestone! Glad you woke up and joined us. I didn't have the heart to wake you this morning," Pat said as he stuffed scrambled eggs into his mouth. Pat was loud, but compared to roommates he lived with in college, Pat respected boundaries and was a kind spirit. However, when it came to the game, Pat showed no mercy to opponents. Ben witnessed this yesterday as Pat the linebacker "murdered" the other team. Today was Ben's turn to prove his fierceness.

Coach McCarthy and the personal trainings had told them the night before to eat a lot of carbs and eat as much as humanly possible for breakfast. A banquet fit for his queen, princess and prince laid in front of him. "Holy shit," he thought to himself, and his once famished stomach twisted and turned yelling at him to help himself to croissants, bagels, bacon, fruits and a the numerous entrees laying in aerial view.


  1. Looks good; glad you found a great name! :)

    1. I figured the whole story will take place in June; and Juneteenth is symbolic here in the US- it's when slaves were considered people in Texas... they were granted freedom.