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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Milwaukee Hotel!

I booked my Milwaukee hotel (the one for the end of the week, I have to order the night I arrive, but that will be in July after a few paychecks... it'll be $50-$80, but I want to build up my bank account a bit more) and it's a really nice hotel. It better be for $108/night, lol. It has all the amenities and I think it's near a bus stop (I'll have to check that out). Look at the room via TripAdvisor:



  1. Hey, that looks like a great room! :) Reminds me of the two I stayed in during our last days in the US.

    1. The one I almost rented for $80/night scared me when I saw the pictures. I'm glad this room was affordable. I am looking forward to staying.

  2. This:

    I still have to get a hotel for my first night before Green Bay. I'm thinking Econolodge or something cheap like that.