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Monday, June 11, 2012

Elk Neck State Park

"Beware of the rocks' edges," the sign warned. Beware of the steep edges, I think to myself. I am afraid of heights; fortunately, the way the Chesapeake lies it does not seem like it is a drastic distance. I still stay away from the edges though and my stomach still churned.  Mom, dad and I look towards the Chesapeake and it is breathtaking. We move through the shaded part of the park; we notice kids playing on a branch swing, one was coveting and dressed in Ravens gear (dad loves the team, I like the team) that we had to giggle to ourselves. We watched them have fun with the tree. The trek to the lighthouse was long or felt long; the pedometer on my iPod showed we only walked for a half an hour. The walk was worth it, though. The view from the lighthouse was awesome. 

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