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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cement Floor

Cement Floor

I sat upon the cement floor

as the clock struck four.

The sky was a crystal blue,

I remove myself from you--

the clouds were an amazing white,

birds, cardinals, made it less tight.

I sat upon the cement floor,

a yawn, relief unlike before--

the trees were a green and brown,

overlooking the hustle-bustle town

alive with the symphony of cars

in the distance, a cry so far.

I sat upon the cement floor,

I ignore that dreaded door;

Raising my hands to heaven,

always count to seven--

breathe in and out, out and in,

slowly exhale, the tingling wins.

I sat upon the cement floor,

spirits and clouds at my core.

Breathing becomes shallow,

yet I feel none of the tallow

the candles flicker

and drowned out are bickers.

I sat upon the cement floor,

No longer wanting that door--

I sit upon the gray in peace,

away from stress and pain, at least.

I say goodbye,

no more worries and cries.

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