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Friday, May 25, 2012

Arabic Story (so far)

قال اُمهو, "امير, استيقظ!"
استيقظَ اميرمع سماء أزرق. حياَ الطير الأزرق مع المنقار الأسفر.

His mother said, "Amir, time to wake up!" Amir woke up to the blue sky and he was greeted by a blue bird with a yellow beak. 

ارتدىَ امير في مفضل قميص أسفر. "أحب هدا قميص! أحب أسفر. اللون المفضل هو أسفر." قالَ امير.
Amir dressed in his favorite yellow shirt. "I love this shirt. I love yellow. Yellow is my favorite colour."j

لبسَ امير قبعتهو أحمر. مشيَ امير في المطبخ و أكلَ فطار. مسكَ امير صحن أحمر مفضل.وضعَ اميرصحنهو أحمر  على الطاولة. سكبَ امير حبوب.
Amir wore his red hat. Amir walked into the kitchen and ate breakfast. Amir grabbed  his favorite red bowl and laid it on the table. He poured cereal into it. k

قالَ اُمهو, "الخروج الى الشارع للعب, امير!" سمعَ امير.
"مشيَ امير على حشيش أخضر. لعبَ امير مع كرة خضرا.سباقَ امير صديقهو. صرخة اُمر "أحب أخضر! أحب هدا كرة خضرا!"

His mother said, "Amir, go play outside!" Amir listened. Amir walked onto the green grass. Amir played with his green ball. Amir met his friend. Omar yelled, "my favorite colour is green. I love this green ball!"

I am going to work on the rest tomorrow. I have three more pages to write. What do you think?


  1. I like it. :) I also like the colors you've put in the Arabic language text.

    1. My Egyptian friend said he couldn't understand it first read, but wouldn't tell me the errors. I'm hoping the translator from Iraq for the US Army (met him through my ex's father who was in the military) will be more helpful. He said he doesn't mind at all, it'll just take time. I have to mid July, lol.