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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Arabic Story (pt II)

التحق ب سميرة. لبسِ سميرة فستان أحمر زهري. "أحب أحمر زهري! يتمنى الكرة حمرأ زهري." جلسِ سميرةز لعبِ سميرة. ثم دهبِ سميرة لحفلة شاي مع إبريق الشاي أحمر زهري.

Samira joined in. Samira wore a pink dress. "I love pink. I wish the ball was pink." Samira sat and played, then she left for a tea party with her pink teacup.

لعبتم الأولاد على الشجر البني. فزعَ امير. 
لعبَ امير مع الورقة البني.

The boys played on the brown tree. Amir was scared. He played with the brown leaves.

دورِ السماء الأسود. زخرفِ السماء مع نجوم. قالِ إمهو "جاء امير! السماء الأسود!" عدوَ اميرمنِ السماء الأسود إلى بيتهو كبير مع باب أسود.

The sky turned black. Stars decorated the black sky. "Come in, Amir! " Amir ran from the black sky into his big house with the black door.

لعبَ بقتتهو برتقالي.

 He played with his orange cat.

تثاوبَ امير. نامَ امير على ملاءة أبيض. راحتَ رأسيهو على الوسادتهو بيضأ. ملكَ امير اليوم مشغول.  

Amir yawned. Amir slept on the white sheets. Amir rested his head on the white pillow. Amir had a busy day.


  1. It's good; I noticed a few punctuation errors but I assume they're because of the formatting.

    1. Oh yeah. Going from Arabic to English is a pain. It still aligns left, so when you're done typing a sentence punctuation is left there. It's frustrating. I forget the trick my Arabic professor taught me for getting the aligning back to English (my computer has an Arabic keyboard built in) with function keys.