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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Arabic Children Story a Go

Yesterday while I was at work at the library, I talked to the director of the children's library and pitched my idea about an Arabic book for children. I told her my plans: a cat by the name of Amir will go on about his day describing things using his favorite colours; it essentially will teach children the colours in Arabic. She liked my idea and wants to see it when done. I have to get working. ^_^ I told her I had a few people willing to proofread as well, which reassured her.

She said I should really look into a career of doing this. Mayhaps.


  1. Very cool Jess =) It doesn't seem like many ppl are doing this sort of thig either, so you could corner the market,lol


  2. Do you know enough Arabic to make Amir sound fluent па-арабский, Jessica?

    (How incredibly useful! I didn't ACTUALLY know the Russian word for Arabic the language, but guessed from the x-skiy pattern as noted in the words for Russian-the-language, Japanese-the-language, German-the-language, and Ukrainian-the-language that I'd seen previously, then researched in my dictionary, and... :O I really effectively fluent in Russian after just 5 years?)

    :O ...I'm going to bed and not crying myself to sleep, now. How scary!!!

    1. Yeah, I know basic Arabic, which is really all is needed for a children's book (we read them in 101 and 102) -- I still have them from last year so I can refer to them. :)

      Oh no! If you want to talk, I'm only an e-mail away.

    2. I'm concerned the Arabic children would not learn the most proper Arabic from your book. (Then again, they probably SHOULDN'T exactly be reading the 1001 Arabian Nights like me; there are Scary Parts)

      Thank you for the offer! I'm starting to get sucked into birthday frivolities now.

    3. They would. :)Then again, that';s why I will have several people proofing it.

  3. Good luck! I'm confident in you! :)