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Monday, April 9, 2012

Red Hook Tea and Coffee

"Starbucks is like the McDonald's of coffee shops. They stole the whole point of coffee shops with an eclectic and free-for-all feel." I don't know why my professor's critique of Starbuck's pops in my mind as I walk under the sign that in red spells out RED HOOK COFFEE AND TEA with a hot air balloon above. Red Hook, according to the official South Street website, is a small, quaint and cozy coffee shop. They aren't kidding, it is small and it is cozy - I fall in love at first sight.  The inside, quaint with the two couches of a dark velvet red and a green face sit along the brick walls and are situated across from one another, two chairs in the corner with the window centered, remind me of the coffee shop that the crew of Friends frequent.

The music blares. It reminds me of grunge with the thrashing guitars and the angst in the lyrics. I finally understand what my professor meant by "real coffee shops," this is it! The way the furniture is placed, the way it looks, it's definitely free spirited. 

"May I help you," the lady behind the tall counter asks me, diverting my attention from the skull that holds various fliers. It is definitely South Street and fits to the punkish atmosphere. I love it; it matches my morbid sense of style. She reminds me I need to go back to looking at the menu.

"This is my first time here," I meekly reply. It takes me a while to look at the myriad of breakfast items, lunch items, coffees, teas, espresso, lattes, and vegan items - I finally settle on a chai latte and a bagel.