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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Radio Show Guest: Gates and Herman Show on WCUR

Last Saturday and this Saturday I was a guest on my friend's radio show on our college radio station. I had such fun and I can't wait to hang out more next year. Tonight I talked about weather and commented on this crazy weather and then I talked about the Civil War enactment from yesterday. Maybe I can be a radio personality as well as a freelance writer. Just a thought!

DJ Christina Gates

DJs E.J. Herman and Christina Gates

Christina and Me


  1. Congratulations on your radio work! :) Perhaps you should go into radio. ;)

    1. Thank you. Once speaking, my jitters went away. I am thinking about applying for my own show next year.

    2. I've been throwing around in my mind the possibility myself - and had indeed enjoyed the Public Speaking course I'd taken.

    3. Is it in Sykes, like the floor with all the offices?