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Monday, April 30, 2012

Body Piercings (Finished Article)

Here is the finished article (hi Dr. Hanson, thanks for stopping by my blog, please check out more!)

Cavaliere, J.
Body Piercings
April 24, 2012

                “I just enjoy piercings and tattoos. It's who/what I am.” Kim Balje said. Balje isn’t alone when she says she enjoys piercings; in survey done by American University, 22 percent of college students were pierced.
More and more people are getting pierced because of aesthetic appeal, but disregard health safety. The Association for Professional Piercers (APP) are combatting the trend of not caring for your piercing by campaigning with pamphlets and public service announcements. In 2011, it was found that individuals with piercings were likely to be involved in other forms of counterculture expression, according to a study published by Clinical Nursing Research.

Cavaliere, J.
Body Piercings
Page 2

                Balje, 24, said the aesthetic appeal is what helped her decision. When asked in a questionnaire done for this article, she listed what she considered to be the pros of body piercings; I get asked questions. I have just about all the piercings I said I would always have. I enjoy all the different jewelry too.” Other people in the survey mostly agreed with Balje: they “love the jewelry” and “the way it looks” that contributes in the decision of getting a body piercing.
            There are other pros listed on the internet. Some of them include in other cultures it is a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood. In the past two decades it has become a trend in the U.S. where it is becoming a sort of rite of passage to mark the coming of adulthood. Balje also likes the way people talk about her piercings.      
            Unlike Balje, there are a number of people who don’t. Ridicule and being called a “freak” could accompany body piercings. Some parents also don’t like their children being pierced, but tolerate it. Of course there are still some professions that won’t hire people who have noticeable body piercings like some civil service jobs, according to Deputy Dave Cavaliere of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department. He said that the department doesn’t mind ear piercings and small nose studs because they can be hidden, but eyebrow and lip piercings are forbidden.
Cavaliere, J.
Body Piercings
April 24, 2012

Keloid scars, or scars that are abnormal and grow beyond the boundary of the original site of a skin injury, are one of the health concerns associated with piercings. Hepatitis C is another major health concern from needles and unsanitary conditions that could be bred in piercing parlors. In the survey conducted for this article, 73 percent were not concerned with the precautions the piercing parlor they chose took to sterilize the process.
The Association for Professional Piercers (APP) is trying to end the indifference among the general public. The APP was founded, according to their website, is “dedicated to the dissemination of vital health and safety information about body piercing to piercers, health care professionals, legislators, and the general public”. At the site you can locate members of the organization and learn about what makes the piercer trustworthy.
Kyle Petersen of Infinite Body Piercing on 626 S. 4th Street in Philadelphia said, “you dont exactly train to become a member of the APP, certainly you have to meet certain criteria to join” but have to meet certain criteria such as being a piercer for one year and jewelry has to meet certain conditions. The conferences meet once a year in Las Vegas to give classes on everything pertaining to the subject of piercing. Petersen had been piercing for six years when he joined the APP.

Cavaliere, J.
Body Piercing
Page 4

The APP is reaching some people, according to the survey. In the 27 percent that said were concerned with the safety of the piercing parlor, the general consensus was for cleanliness and that their piercer had enough experience.
The price of a piercing can be expensive, but most people, according to the survey, expect to pay between $50-$100.
As Baje stated, “It's a thrill. A thrill that needs to be taken care of and constantly cleaned, but a thrill nonetheless.” Whether or not the current trend of body piercing is liked or disliked, several thousands of people of all ages are getting pierced regardless of safety. However, there are associations that care and ensure the safety of the parlors, piercers and the ones getting pierced.


  1. 22% is not even a fourth, just barely over a fifth.

    xD I am entertained by how, diplomatically speaking, the pierced "could" be called freaks! Well, in the counter-culture movement... :]

    I have a few typological/grammatical quibbles but I don't want to pick on you where it's clearly going to be graded!!

    Are you involved in much counter-culture expression, Jessica?

    /long-haired freaky people comment

    1. Well, I know I'm not in the "normal" population.

    2. How are you going to support that you aren't "normal"? Five examples of unique behaviour?

      Most people claim not to be like anyone else. It's a common assertion.