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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Banana Day 2012

Let the games begin and may the odds ever be in your favor, I couldn’t help but think that; a Hunger Games reference for West Chester University’s 15th Annual Banana Day presented by the Student Activities Council (SAC). Most look forward to winning t-shirts from contests in which you have to compete in races revolved around bananas, and other crazy antics anyone will do to win a t-shirt. They really are odds that have to be in your favor to win—but they’re fun odds and create lifelong memories. Banana day isn’t a day that is dedicated to bananas only (like the name suggests), but to promote healthy lifestyles.

And promoting healthy lifestyles is what they did today. Free bananas were handed out and Sykes and Lawrence served food with bananas in them. The health center was also stationed on the Quad not only giving advice about nutrition, but sexual health as well. Stationed next to the Health Center was Invisible Children’s campaign against Kony. Someone was also driving a banana car.

The festivities were fun this year and I ended up winning a shirt by writing a haiku about bananas. My friend also won by competing in a game. Even if we didn’t win, we still hold the precious memories of spending four hours together, competing, and bonding together. After all, that is what Banana Day is all about. 

I won a shirt from the haiku I wrote on the box pictured:

Sweet yellow goodness
among green stalks and light leaves
stationed in Longwood


  1. I kept as far out of the banana frenzy as possible because I found participation a sign of group think dementia.

    (And had a Doritosushi lunch)

    1. It was fun. :) This is the only exception of group think I don't mind and it cheered me up.

    2. Well, I'm glad you became more cheerful~

  2. Medicine only goes so far. The rest is the people you surround yourself with. :)

  3. Sounds like fun. :) I'm glad you had a good time.

    1. I can't wait until next year, I'm a bit sad that it'll be my last banana day. :(

    2. That's the wrong attitude Jessica!!

      It'll be the one right before your first personal Banana Day :)

      It may be a little more difficult with fewer people aware of when it's Banana Day, but you may have every first Friday of April dedicated to Banana Day :) or whenever it really is.

      I don't actually know and I've been going to West Chester longer than you. ^^;;;