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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Upper Merion Area High School's Seussical the Musical (pt 1)

"A person is a person, no matter how small."

Everyone loves Horton's mantra and Upper Merion High School didn't miss a beat in their production of Seussical the Musical. Steven Burke, who plays the lovable Cat in the Hat; Megan McGee as JoJo and Evan Rieger as Horton, mesh together and bring the performance together. It is in their syncing that pulls the rest of the cast together to put on a great show.

This is not the full review, but what do you think of it so far?



    Full of run-ons; that is obfuscating your meaning. I don't like what you've written thus far, personally.
    Like, is the quote a mantra of Horton? I think for organisation's sake those should be put closer and away from what the Upper Merion High School was doing.
    And I didn't like the gerundification of sync. I'm a little tired to consider anything better.

  2. It's a very nice beginning. I would change "mesh together and bring the performance together" to, "mesh well and bring the performance together." That way, you aren't repeating "together" twice in the same sentence, and I really think it says more what you mean.

    The last sentence is kind of clumsy. I would work it over. Maybe something like: "They create a focal point for the rest of the cast with the result being a great show."

    1. Thanks Barb. :) I think I am going to quote something from the director's note of where this play comes from. This was my first time seeing Seussical, so it helped fill in the blanks. I'll be posting more later!

  3. Maybe I'll quote something from the liner notes and then go from there. I will be posting later!

  4. Good morning, Beautiful! Two comments: penultimate sentence: always be careful/cautious of repeating the same word within the same sentence; your audience will think you are not very intelligent if you repeat yourself ad nauseum (and yes, we both know that twice is not ad nauseum, and yes, you WILL look up "ad nauseum" if you don't know what it means; that is why I help you for free and shower you with deserved affection :-) ).

    #2: Something in that last sentence is not appropriately phrased; "It is in their syncing"? Un-uh; you know better. Think about it, re-examine, and trust your inner wisdom. You will know how to fix it. When we write sometimes little glitches slip by us; it happens.

    If, by chance, you don't know or can't figure out how to fix it, just let me know. Though I doubt indeed that will happen. :-)

    By the way, once you turn 40 be prepared for all kinds of little errors to show up in your work no matter how vigilant and correct you will always be. Someone was kind enough to share that wisdom with me and so I very patiently and carefully proofread EVERYTHING I send out. You will too when you achieve that age range.

    Have a great day, Beautiful!!!!! :-)

    Love and blessings,

    Dr. Ni

    1. Thanks Dr. Ni. I didn't like "syncing" either, but I was unsure how to put how their teamwork brought the play together. It was just something that brought out the best in the play although there were some mistakes. I'm usually very cynical about high school plays, but the whole cast was very good. I wish I took video, their singing voices were AMAZING. I think I know how I want to proceed. :)