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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I am in the process of writing a philosophy essay (in which I can win $500) and need your opinion on what you think sustainability is. How would you define it? How would you put it into practice? Should the world care more about sustainability? Do you think we do enough as a society? Is there more we can do? At the same time, nature is violent and kills things, should we police nature as well?

I have a working introduction. I'm not sure about it. It's due April 2nd. Thanks for your help!

Can sushi be sustainable? That was the question of the day on National Public Radio’s (NPR) The Salt. Sustainable? I had never thought of sushi being sustainable—NPR made me realize that maybe I have taken the things I consume for granted. For thousands of years man and woman walked the earth and consumed all of her resources without batting an eyelid. Our ancestors weren’t concerned with what they did as long as they survived the harsh environment they called home. Nowadays, most strive toward sustainability, which for this essay is defined as living a life of dignity in harmony with nature.   As a nation and a powerhouse, we strive for sustainability in our aquaculture, agriculture and as a society, but are we living up to our goals of being one with nature? Almost.  We are not perfect (and never will be), but I am not sure if we want to be wholly harmonious since it goes against nature to be in total harmony.


  1. The only thing I would definitely change is "man and woman used" to "humans have used": I read this several times over, and this wording sounds better and less clunky to me.

    I currently don't have any suggestions on how I would define sustainability or help implement it, though.

    Other than those, it looks good for the most part, and I will be curious to see what it will look like in conjunction with the rest of the essay. :)

  2. Thanks Andrew. :) Making that change now. Remember, if something strikes you about the environment, just comment. :) I have a feeling I won't be sleeping much this week... I have this and another paper due on the 2nd.

  3. I agree with Andrew on changing it to Humans. Sorry again I am awfully late to read this. The rest is well written dear. (=