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Friday, March 30, 2012

Sustainability Ethics and Environment

Teaser: People often don't like winter. I think winter is beautiful and a necessity for the Northeast, Midwest and Northwestern parts of the United States. I believe it provides renewal for the earth and gives several life forms a chance to rest for a busy year ahead. I also think snow is just as important as rain. In terms of snow and winter, I want to move to Wisconsin. I get a lot of "what?"s  and "Are you prepared for the winters?" I think Wisconsin is great. To sell my plans and to get people learning about winter and Wisconsin, I might point them to read Sand County Almanac or give them my book, Adventures Through the Strawberry Patch, where I chronicle my adventures through Green Bay. "The sun setting over Lambeau, the cool breeze and cheering fans of a Packers victory over the Cardinals unforgettable" might show them how peaceful and beautiful Wisconsin is. To live Wisconsin, I might point them to a Packers game and they can see how Wisconsinites put pride in their team and how the Packers give a helping hand to the community (I found a lot of Wisconsinites to be very friendly and helpful, when I was there a nice family took me to my hotel after seeing me stranded at the airport when the shuttle bus never came). Once they learn about Wisconsin, they may come to see it differently and value it more. They might even want to spend more time there. But there is no guarantee that this will happen. I can hope they will appreciate Wisconsin, but I can't make them like Wisconsin. Just like if I give them children's books on snow and why they should love the snow, not everyone will develop an appreciation for snow.

Google Docs: Sustainability and Environment


  1. You have some pretty long quotes!

    I am amazed you tied sustainability to your pet subject (of Wisconsin/Green Bay). And suspicious that might get it rejected. :/

    The Google Doc essay clocks in 5195 words. Was there a wordcount total suggestion?

    We'll just see, Jessica!

  2. Nope, as long as I want it to be. There was no specifications, just as long as it is tied to philosophy.

    1. Really.

      /used to specifications of like "~5000 words and three diagrams"