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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

HOLLLLLAAAA MY PEEPS! I love Peeps. =] This will be my treat when I am done my

I love Peeps. =] This will be my treat when I am done my paper. =]

Part of what I have done:

Forget the eel and salmon sashimi the next time you eat out at your favorite Japanese restaurant. At least that's how NPR reeled me in: "See the Video. Don't eat the Eel" and made me question my eating habits since I love sushi. According to NPR's The Salt, the next time anyone walks into their favorite sushi restaurant should rethink their choice because it could be unsustainable. Going by the headline and thinking, "great, another thing I am being guilt tripped out of eating," as I open the page and find that sushi isn't bad, but the way the seafood for the sushi and sashimi are caught is possibly bad. In a video posted by Bamboo Sushi, the sushi we consume most likely isn't sustainable. Touting themselves as the first sustainable company, the video Bamboo Sushi created shows the following:
"There's real magic in a table that brings together fish from around the world," as the video pans in on a wooden table, four plates of sushi lie upon the table waiting to be devoured. However, no one is around, instead they are on their ship waiting for their nets to catch their fishy gold. Bamboo Sushi is right: no two journeys are the same. These by-catch fish that contain an octopus, dolphins and a shark then sit at this empty table in front of the plates of sushi. It is then we are given the grim news: by 2048, we will be overfished and the fish that are left are closely monitored so there would be no more by-catch. Now, Bamboo Sushi employs these ethics when they fish: no by-catch and they only market with reputable sources. "Your table can trust us," the video ends.

Sushi is touted as the perfect modern food: light and fluffy like a cloud, healthy as an apple (it might even keep the doctors away as well as salmon has many key vitamins), but as the Salt asks, is it sustainable? According to Bamboo Sushi, a sushi joint in Portland, Oregon, it isn't. They tout themselves as the first sustainable sushi joint (they aren't, and the Salt points out that there a few others), but the video with its adorable format, with tiny, handcrafted figures used to tell the tale doesn't hide its depressing message: Most of the sushi we gobble up is harvested using unsustainable methods. A commenter of the story left their blog address and I consulted their blog about sustainability. This poster defines sustainability as something that can be continued indefinitely.  A sustainable system is one in which the inputs feed the outputs and the outputs feed the inputs, leading to a closed cycle which is balanced.  I have seen this imagery in the form of an ouroborus, and Aristotle described the universe as the mythical snake eating its own tail and constantly regenerating.  If we care about self-preservation, it is worth caring about whether we are living sustainably, that is in a way in which we can preserve our collective quality of life or improve it indefinitely." (Agaponzie 1). However, the blog points out what the debate about environmentalism vs. animal rights activism has been going on about for the past few decades: "I'm not here to argue about the right way to live your life, or that you should bike more often than drive, or that you should eat local organic foods because I do not have the answers, and I'm not sure our best actions could solve the current system of unsustainability... Nature will correct itself as it always has and always will." In this essay, I will show that both the animal ethic and the environmental ethic can help sustain our precious earth.


  1. Peeps make me sick :| /bad Easter past

    *catches the word Aristotle in the ocean of text and starts paddling to get the context!*

    Eel is good though D:

    Are your sources all that reliable, Jessica?

    2048 is 36 years away!!

    Sushi is hit-or-miss with me: sometimes it's the safest thing in Ram's Head, sometimes it makes my stomach feel bizarre.

    I can't comment sustainably by that definition :O so I'm having a blast as I do so!! *pulls up Shostakovich to lol!rock listening*

    Lindsay Silcox from Aramark has spoken with me about sustainability; she advertises herself as the Sustainability Coordinator!! Would you like to speak with her? Her email address is her surname - her first name at aramark dot com.

    Okay nearly to the Aristotle mention!! *almost there!!*
    Aww, okay, that story...

    Is all of your quote Agaponzie?
    Gah, ethics. *took that class and got out of it ASAP*

    I ended up more irritated than not D: and now my sister is bugging me for something stupid! /owes her a single dollar u_u *treks upstairs to check her funds*

    1. Yep, they are. :) I printed out different philosophies from universities' libraries and used some philosophies from my ethics class last semester. :)

      Working through Jamieson's philosophy. More tomorrow. I took my badly needed pill (forgot to take it two nights in a row) and now I'm falling asleep.

    2. Well, goodnight!

      Sleep! It's healthy :D

  2. keep going girl you can do it

    1. Thanks Brenda. The goal is to be done 80% of it by tomorrow. :)