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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

China Town Delight

Some day I hope to be a travel and food writer as well as a poetess. Of course, this is just a beginning piece because I didn't take name of the restaurant. But, enjoy!

The year of the Dragon. When people hear about this sign on the Chinese calendar, they think of greatness. Philadelphia wasn’t left out of this loop either—China Town, which starts on 12th and Vine streets, decorated with beautiful red lanterns scattered throughout and under the archway.

We—Sean and me—walk along the entrance of China Town and are amazed by the site. The Trocadero is located here and we walk past. He saw cKy there a few times and was telling me about the amazing times that are had at the venue. I long to go in, but it’s closed, so we continue on to look for restaurants.
We stroll along China Town, under the red orbs that will soon be lit as the sun slowly sets. The hustle and bustle of the streets almost make it hard for us to hear one another, but a beautiful conversation does take place. Then, then! I spot a restaurant, a restaurant I paid cash in with no receipt and the name escapes me, that sign’s read BEST PEKING DUCK in town. “Ohhh, Peking Duck!” I exclaim to Sean.

“Would you like to eat there?”


It’s a nice place, despite it being warm in there—we have to strip off our coats as soon as we sit down. The layout of the table is nice; green tea sits in a teapot to the side of us. The teacups are neatly placed on the napkin that gently decorates the plate below.

“Care for some tea?” Sean declines; I don’t know why I went for the tea as it was like an inferno in that restaurant, but I had tea nonetheless. Through tea and water, conversation ensues.

The General Tso that Sean orders is to die for. We each share our meals with one another. I generally don’t eat the dirty rice (not an egg fan), but I tried some of Sean’s and it was not bad—you couldn’t taste the egg (good in my book). When my Peking duck finally comes out, it is to die for. For $13.50, it’s not a lot to eat, so I finished quickly. Sean had some too; we both agreed that this Peking duck was the best in Philadelphia.

If anyone is in Philadelphia, look for a restaurant that has a red sign and in yellow letters spell out “BEST PEKING DUCK IN TOWN.” Although it is a bit on the expensive side, it will not let you down and will be nirvana for your taste buds. Of course, don’t forget to wear a tank top—it gets really warm in the establishment! 


  1. What a lovely review!!! Well written and engaging for the reader.

    I would print it out on nice paper in an inventive flyer format and take it to the restaurant, requesting to give a copy to the owner. Then I would email or snail mail a copy to the food critics at newspapers or websites that you read regularly.

    You never know when an assigned food critic will be out with the stomach flu and some publication will need a replacement.

    More than anything though I would get a copy of this in the hands of the restaurant owner and offer to license it so they could hand it out as a flyer to their customers or put it on their website as a review/comment.

    You never know what good could come of that ....

    If nothing else, you might get some free Peking Duck .....


    Love and blessings,

    Dr. Ni

  2. Ooh, unfortunately it's a bit far for me to visit! I'm glad you liked your duck but I would have been interested in the chow mein (I love chow mein!).

    This is a good review, Jessica. I'll have to look out for the restaurant if I'm ever in Philadelphia's China Town. :)

  3. I don't have time to talk with you more yet but I will by the end of the week!

  4. Thanks Dr. Ni and Andrew! I'll have to do that, Dr. Ni. :)

  5. I think you can be a poetess
    regardless of what happens, yes :)

    I think I've once had Peking Duck
    and came across a bit of luck!

    Travel and food critique are definitely not for me
    But as far as you are concerned, feel free!